chemo (fec) starting on Nov 18th

Hi there,
These forums seem to be so helpful.Is anybody starting chemo around Nov 18th ?I’d love to share the experience with some of you. I’m quite nervous (to say the least).Best wishes

There’s bound to be lots of people starting around the same time as you, but if you’re interested there’s a thread going for people who started FEC around 2 October - lots of tips and support on there.

Best of luck with it!

Thanks Cat. I’ve had a look at the thread and it is full of useful tips and chemo news.I’ll join in asap.

Orlando, not trying to kimo poach but as Cat says there are lots of threads. There’s one re kimo starting the 20th Nov that might be a bit nearer your time but its often useful to dip in and out of the various kimo threads around your time as there are some lovely ladies on one or more of the threads who can help with various stuff, x