Chemo First ER+ PR+ HER2- Grade 2 IDC

Hi, I think I understand why but im feeling a little panicked about having chemo before surgery. I am 37 years old with a family history, I have been diagnosed with Grade 2 ER+PR+ Her2- and after Lymph biopsy have discovered some have been affected. I believe that because of the lymph nodes and strong history that is why i have been advised to have chemo first FEC-T (starting Monday 22nd May) then after finishing ill have lymph nodes removed and surgery.

I know Chemo is often given first when the lump is large and needs to be reduced (mine fairly small 18mm) or if it is HER2+.

Just wondering if anyone else has a similar diagnosis as myself and is having or have had Chemo first? My worry is that if the Chemo doesn’t work the cancer will still be living inside me and potentially on the move (CT scan has shown no where else affected at the moment) xx Em 

HI Em,I found out on Monday I have ER+PR+ Her2 (borderline and waiting more blood tests on that) Grade 2.MRI tomorrow and they are tlaking about chemo first.My mum had breast cancer 12 years at 64 and is doing well.I am 50. I am trying to understnad and get my head around everything but most of what I read has been about surgery first. Your worries are mine as well…i feel I would rather have the cancer removed surgically first.sending bug hugs and will keep you posted…any top tips on being anxious about MRI?x

Hi I was diagnosed with grade 3 IC her2 + and I’ve had surgery before chemo… they idea was to have 4.5 mths of chemo first to reduce the size but I wanted the cancer out of me asap plus I have a holiday in June aswell so gave me the choice. X

Sorry grade 2 (fat fingers on a small keypad)

I was told if my her2 came back positive I would have chemo before surgery! My lump was 3cm grade 2 oestrogen+! It came back negative so I was given a lumpectomy!

Sandra x

How lovely having the holiday 2 look forward 2. It still sounds logic 2 me have surgery remove it and then have the chemo 2 mop up anything left behind. I’m not sure if the idea behind the chemo 1st is because of the lymph nodes and stopping that from spreading but i think they are removed during surgery at the same time???

Will you have chemo and or radiotherapy now you’ve had lumpectomy? I think my plan at the moment is. Chemo, mesectomy on bad side with lymph node removal and tissue expander, radiotherapy and then preventative mastectomy and both reconstructed at the end. So looking at over a year!!!

Lol. Can you tell this is my first day using the forum I’m not linking my comments with who they are intended - confusing !!! Xxx

My treatment plan changed when a micromet was found on my sentinal node! I decided for peace of mind I would have an axillary clearance which I had last week! I have to wait for results for next step! The original plan was for radiotherapy and tablets!

Sandra x

Sandra, wise move I think having the axillary clearance I feel the same we may as well do everything we can 2 prevent anything coming back and give peace of mind. Oh the tablets ?Forgot about that bit, me also 10 years they sound like joyful little things!!! Hope you are recovering ok from the lymph node clearance. I only had a few taken about 4 weeks ago (biopsy) and I must say some strange feelings however I have just realised that it feels a lot better the past few days ?

Hi WolfEE, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. You are in the right place here for support and to feel less mentally isolated from those around you. You’re in exactly the same position as me. I’m 48 and was diagnosed at the end of March with ER+ Her2- locally advanced/invasive including 4 local nodes.  I have no family history except for my gran who had bc when she was in her 70s and lived until age 90 purely on tamoxifen!I know how it feels to know there is a monster inside you that they can’t remove yet but I have faith they are doing the best they can for the situation. The chemotherapy is to clear the lymph and give clear margins for surgery. I had my first chemo on 27th April and it’s been much easier than I expected. Come over and join our little May starters 2017 group from the “Going through treatment>chemo monthly threads” on this forum.  There are about 8 of us so far starting in May and we’ve shared our stories, given useful tips etc. It would be lovely to see you in our group. Xx

I am ok after axillary clearance not as sore as the initial SNB! I am having to learn to be careful with my arm now because of the lymphodema risk! In a years time I would have questioned if things had spread if I hadn’t had lymphs removed!
They think the micromet splashed onto the node either during biopsy or surgery. I was just unlucky I suppose.
In a lot of countries a micromet is classed as negative!
Sandra x

I will have a look at Avon and also now the sun has arrived factor 50! I am such a beachy person and live on the coast…hope the factor 50 stops me burning! It’s all a worry!
Sandra x

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