Chemo for tn

Hi I was just wondering if anyone knew how many chemo there are for tn plp my onc sd we have a few was just interested many thanks laura

Just read your pm thanks laura- will get back to you later.
As for tnbc chemos, a few have been mentioned to me. I had fec+ tax initially and am now on carboplatin which is working well. Capcetabine has also been mentioned (think this will be next), and vinoralbine. Both are tablets. I’ve nt been offered taxol which is another common one but this is probably because I had recurrence within weeks of my last taxotere so the taxanes seem pretty useless in my case.
There are also parp inhibitor trials which you can access if u are brca1 or 2 positive…?

I find it easier to cope by not thinking too far ahead- just think about the here and now as it’s all a bit overwhelming otherwise. I did interrogate my onc about chemo options and she said she wouldn’t be working her way through them all with me- just the ones most likely to have an impact (mentioned above).
Are you getting avastin too?

The platinum based chemos (eg carbo and cisplatin) have a good success rate with tnbc- they are sometimes combined with gemcetabine. There is actually a nationwide trial for tn patients at the mo comparing carbo with tax.
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tina x

Hi no I’m not on avastin my hos dont use it I’ve been offered taxol but a bit concerned as it got bits from Taxatar in it when I had fec / tax before the tax made my lump grow but onc don’t agree just sd it just didn’t work I’m not sure if I agree there is a trial I can consider but I’m thinking I might leave that to later tc laura x