Hi ladies although I have made a couple of posts I am new to this forum so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Basically was dx valentines day had op in march and chemo started may just finished (4 wks) .had 3 x fec and 3 x t

My hair was still in tact by my second round of chemo and I had about 60% left week before my third when I decided to have it all shaved off. I seemed to mantain a stubble and by the time my fourth chemo cycle it was showing signs of growing back. Its now quite long in places (inch) and short in others appears to be a mix of dark and grey but seems fairly straight and very fine and whispy not the thick grey curly hair I was promised by my bcn ha ha but yesterday I noticed quite a few of the longer hairs were coming out and now I have concerns its all going to fall out again and also my worry is that I started on my first tamoxifen last night and am scared it will stop my hair growing back ive be so pleased and releived up till now that it was growing back . Any one else experienced this or advise or help and reassurance would be welcome.

Hi deelush

I had pretty much lost all my hair just before 2nd dose of FEC and so I shaved it off. It then started to grow during the Tax part of FEC-T. Some of the hair took ages to grow back and some of it grew quite quickly. Now I am sporting a VERY curly head full of thick hair!! I think it’s unlikely that your hair will fall out again. It might just be the hair that held on through your Chemo, but that the root/follicle was slower to die. I’m sure it will all grow back at its own pace, so try not to worry.

As for not being Grey, lucky you! I think for me that was the worst bit…I turned into my mother!! It was a nightmare waiting for a time when I could safely colour it.

Hope that reassures a little. Good luck with the rest of your treatment.

Sal xx