Chemo? Help

I am almost 4 weeks post op WLE and SLNB no node involvement for what was originally thought to be DCIS however on further examination of biopsy there was found a small 2.5mm area of invasion into the breast tissue my consultant has said that if I need chemo it will be down to the oncologist he’s the expert who I see next Thurs re rads does any of you knowledgeable girls out there that have any experience of this I’m hoping the answer will be no chemo as there’s no node involvement but am I being too positive? I want to prepare myself in case they say yes for me this will be another backward step as I had been convinced it was only DCIS I tend to be a glass half full type of person and I keep getting kicked in the teeth it’s maddening thanks for any info you can give me:))

Hi Loobyb,
I had a WLE and sentinol biopsy last month. Lump was 12mm but margins and nodes clear. I was told by my BCN from the start to expect chemo regardless of results due to my age (33), however after path report my tumor was staged at more aggressive, plus I am HER positive, so have to have the chemo to have Herceptin. Yours sounds like a more straight forward case, as only tiny invasion into the breast and no nodes. I know a few people that have been borderline for chemo and it was left to them to decide if they wanted to do it. It may be worth getting your head round the possibilty they may suggest it, and then if they don’t that will be a bonus and a relief.
Fingers crossed it will just be rads.
Take Care

Hi Loobyb
2 years ago I had DCIS. A follow up excision was clear so I though that was done with. However, this March a monogram showed a tumor Grade 11, 2.5 cams. I had a mastectomy in April with sentinel node biopsy. Breast tissue and node were clear so I thought that was the end of it but I was referred to the oncolocist who strongly recommended 6 cycles chemo (T/C) and 18 cycles Herceptin just in case the odd cell escaped which could cause secondaries. Although it terrified me, I felt I had to do it, or constantly live with the worry that it would come back. I had my first cycle 9 days ago and am sure this gives me the best chance of a healthy future. Just ask lots of questions until your happy that your decisions are based on all the facts and that what you decide is best for you. Hope everything goes well for you.


I am trying to get my head round the fact that I may need it if they say it is up to me then it’s a no brainer I’ve got to throw everything I’ve got at it it it does freak me out a little knowing there maybe a little cell floating around somewhere waiting to take root although there was no node involvement it’s not a certainty is it? nothing is in this game thank you ladies for your replies and stay strong!!