Chemo if your under 40

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but find it get the best response on this forum.

Can anyone tell me if they have escaped the dreaded chemo of they are under 40. So far they’ve said it’s looking like I might not need it due to type grade etc but can’t say for certain yet.

Just spoke to bcn nurse and she was saying you know because of your age it might be recommended… it’s sent me into a blind panic I know many get through it And haven’t wanted it but I don’t think my body can physically deal with it and mentally losing my hair after losing a boob I think wouid send me insane!

She did start one thing at a time but just trying to see if anyone younger than 40 hasn’t had to have it as praying I don’t!

Also I’m er positive not sure if I’ve even been tested for the HER thing. Do many people need chemo if they are er positive x

Hi Melia,


Im 33 and was told that Chemo is usually recommeded in younger women, as cancers tend to be more aggressive. Like you said, I think it depends mostly on the grade. I was initially told mine was Grade 2 and would probably just have needed Radiotherapy after my surgery. However after the surgery they found it was mostly Grade 3, so now Chemo is very likely, even though my lymph nodes and margins were clear. I have an oncologist appointment in a couple of weeks so will find out more then. My tumour was ER+ and HER2+ so thats another reason why Chemo is likley needed in my case, I don’t think they give Herceptin treatment without having Chemo first. 


All the best to you.

Thank you… im grade 2 so hoping it stays at that. They did say I haven’t got the most aggressive form of it which you her people generally get. Did u have a masectomy if you don’t mind me asking.

Hope your doing well xx

I woukd say it woukd depend on how big the mass is. If they can take all the cancer away in terms lumpectomy then chemo might not be needed but depends where it’s placed chemo might be needed to just zap the rest away!

I have numerous little lumps in bottom half of breast and one at side all fairly small unless mri find something bigger. All these tests send and waiting send my mind into overdrive not appointment well today at all. How you getting on queen bee xx

I’m awaiting another biopsy to see if it’s more invasive cancer or DSIC so depending on which one depends on treatment. Been told if invasive then will need chemo first to shrink before a lumpectomy. When do you go for your mri results. Mine were back within a week x

Oh not another biopsy… hope it’s not too uncomfortable for you! I get the results next Wednesday and hopefully things are a bit clearer with treatment plan and I can start to process things a little better. Xx

I know although at least it gives them a clearer picture of what it is! The waiting is the worst. I always think the longer it is in there the worst its going to get… hopefully next week you will be on your way with a treatment plan xx