Chemo in August - can't post in thread!

[I hope someone can move this post - if I get to post it at all! I can’t reply to any threads at all, and can’t even post in the ‘help’ forum … it’s so frustrating as this seems like a lovely community, but I’ve been struggling for days trying to figure this out and can’t do it. I managed just now to post this in the ‘getting started’ forum, and am using the edit funciton to try move into into the chemotherapy forum … fingers crossed.]

Anyway - lovely to ‘meet’ so many of you in here - people starting in August and those who have already led the way. The combination of advice, experience and support is brilliant. I’d like to reply to individual posts and things, but I can’t see them right now and I want to just say what I want to say, then come back.

It turns out that I am not a ‘starting in August’ person, but a starting in July person. I had my appointment with the chemo nurse on Thurs 26 and was told that I was starting the treatment the next day! This completely threw me - I wasn’t prepared, hadn’t done my big shop for supplies or done any of the ‘pre-chemo’ activities I had been hoping to do.

So here’s how it went. Arrived early for the 2:15 appointment. Wasn’t called through until 4:30! Sat in a smallish room with about 10 chairs. Limited room for my partner to sit with me and I was told that often he wouldn’t be allowed in with me at all. I doubt I’d be allowed to have my daughter and partner, as I’d hoped (although daughter decided not to come anyway). Steroid and anit-sickness pills given (5 pills altoghether), canula inserted, drip attached. Then the nurse sat there for the next hour/90 mins injecting 5 very large syringes into the drip line. I didn’t realise she’d be there the whole time and I didn’t need my reading and activity material at all. Felt fine all through that. The second part - the ‘C’? made me feel slightly woozy, drunkish, and with a tingly nose like I’d jumped in a pool and water went up it. Left the ward (about 6ish) feeling completely and utterly fine - which surprised me. Was given a million different meds to take at all sorts of days and times. Confusing.

I was starving and happy to eat. Nausea then hit me from about 8:30. I took the supplementary anti-sickness meds, but continued to feel very ill. Vomited at 10:30 - huge quantities! Probably all the liquid and water I’d been drinking. This all made me feel slightly better for a few minutes until it began building up again and another vomit at 12:30. Fell asleep about 1. Woke at about 2:30 feeling very ill and expecting to vomit again, but feel asleep after an hour or so and slept until morning.

Slightly queasy in the morning, but basically okay. Ate breakfast, fine. Did some cleaning, etc. Went for a little walk down the hill to the shop in the late afternoon and that really wore me out. Dinner was fine, queasiness gone after my evening anti-sickness pill. Went to sleep very easily, slept through until 5 … and am now up, hungry but feeling okay, maybe a bit ill and quite tired, but awake (the steroids) … oh, and I seem to be developing a headache.

So that’s day and night one and day two out the way. Part of me is thinking ‘oh, is that it? Easy’ but I know other stuff can happen later on - now I need to go back through other threads to prepare for what may happen.

As I began this thread, I will pretend to be an August starter anyway - hope that’s okay! That’s if I can ever manage to post in here properly.

And here’s my specs: 35yo, IDC, diagnosed June 15th, RS mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy July 3rd. Grade 3, ER+, 1/2 lymph node involvement, extensive vascular involvement but clear margins at chest wall. HER2 - unknown??? Chemo (FEC-T 3+3) began 27 July. Later treatment will probably include auxillary clearance, radiotherapy, hormone treatment. Maybe Herceptin if I am positive for that.

Hi Sika

I’m sorry you’re having problems using this website, I have reported it to our technical team who are at the moment trying to sort out a lot of problems we’re having. I will send you a private message as well as this message regarding the problems you are finding with this site.

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Jo, Facilitator

Just seen my onc for the first time this morning. Will be an August chemo person!
Having FEC-T too. Got chemo chat with nurse next Tuesday then first dose Thurday 9th.
Thanks for your info. Am dreading it but am usually a tough cookie. Hate feeling sick though!
I was a grade 2 IDC with 1 out of 5 lymph nodes positive. Had axillary clearance done at same time as WLE as biopsy pre op picked up the lymph involvement. ER+, HER2 neg.

Hi Sikka
Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope things are going alright for you at the moment and the sickness has stopped. When you feel up to it let us know hopw you are as worried about you.


hi sikka i had my 2nd one on 27th of july i have felt more drained this time still minimal s e but mhave bad bowel movement at this time or shud i say less :frowning:

Hi Sika, I’m not surprised the ‘next day’ appointment threw you!

You seem to have coped really well so far, despite the initial sickness.
I’m seeing my oncologist on Monday to ‘sign up’ for treatment, 6xFEC, so I should get my dates then … I’m hoping it’s not the next day as we were planning on going away for the weekend with the children!

I hope you continue to feel well… Tell me, I’m rubbish at taking pills, are the tablets fairly small??? I even chew paracetomol!!!

S xxx