chemo not working

I have had 2 cycles of EC but an MRI scan showed that the tumour had not shrunk, also had an abnormal (125?) liver function blood test so cannot start on Taxotere/Herceptin till next Thursday, assuming blood test next week is ok.

Am really worried what happens if LFT not normal next week…

hi jennieb, sorry your having a bad time of it…
i do no that they can change your chemo if this one is too strong for you.
i have a liver condition and my lfts are high all the time and im fine, now the only thing onc said to me is that i cant have fec have to have the old chemo cmf, so they can change it for you if you lfts go too high…
this is all worring for you i no, but they no what their doing and they wont give you something that will harm you…

hope all goes well

hugs to you

love breda

hi Jennie B
My sister had 2 cycles of AC chemo and a scan showed the tumour wasn’t shrinking. They changed her to taxotere and this did
show shrinkage on the scans. We asked if it didn’t work what would happen and they said they would operate sooner rather than later. Are you having neoadjuvant chemo before surgery ? If you are at least they can monitor the tumour size as it is no good wasting time having treatment that doesn’t do much, you can move on to the next option , and there are many.
As it happened, my sister ended up having a mastectomy because the tumour hadn’t shrunk at all, even though it was showing it had on scans 3.9cm to 2.8 Cm’s!!. Hers was a grade 3, no lymph nodes positive but a separate tumour had spread under her arm? she had an axillary clearance. Has anyone heard of this?? Slightly confused. Any way wishing everybody much love and positive vibes x flo

Hi Guys

yes it is neoadjuvant chemo before surgery - am a bit mffed I guess as the EC was making me feel pretty rough & it hasn’t had the desired effect! The tumour is 1.9cms grade 3 with 2 satellite tumours & lymph node involvement.

Anyway having a MUGA scan & blood test on Monday to see if ok to go for Taxotere/Herceptin next week. Glad that it is being monitored though so at least other options can be exlored if necessary

thanks for replies

: -) x