Chemo scarves


I have always struggled with my wig and have been wearing girly caps when I go out but with the warmer weather I am looking for a good website that does chemo scarves or bandanas. Could anyone recommend one?

Got a shop that does them and comes to the Hosp but find the selection limited.


Vicky x

Hi Vicky,


Anna Bandana- Ive ordered three lots of scarves from them now ! They do really pretty ones for not a lot of money. The chiffon ones are nicest, i tie mine in a bow and then put a pearl stretchy bracelet around the side part to pretty it up :slight_smile: they have a good selection.

They also do light jersey beanies for about £2-3 each, great for bed or around the house if its chilly.


There are lots of other sites but this is the one i use, hope it helps

Kay xxx

Hi I found an amazing woman. Eyeliner . Blog a woman who has some great ideas re scarves and makeup you might find useful

Hi vicky
Me too, didn’t find it till I was almost finished my chemo ! I called for advice and the lovely lady recommend looking at them ! It’s been a great help :slight_smile:
Your hair won’t be gone for long :slight_smile: I almost have a full head of hair already and I’m seven weeks post chemo ! It’s a skin head but its hair :slight_smile:
Had my operation on Thursday so I’m just recovering !
Hope all goes well for you
Kay x

Hey - hmmm they’re not scarves vicky but would highly recommend this website I just bought a hat from called … or maybe try
x miu

Beware everyone of Annasbandanas I ordered scarfs beanies etc on10th July, I stupidly forgot to put my house number on address, but they sent my order out anyway!!! Have been to local post office parcel not there, but they said they would have sent it back to sender.  I have spoken to Annasbandanas twice now and they say they have not had returned. In the meantime I have lost all my hair and 22 pounds. They are not sympathetic or helpful very disappointed.