Chemo side effects - have you had any serious ones ?

Hi just about to finish RT then soon to chemo.

The nurse mentioned side effects and one was like a secondary infection , possibly sepsis , she mentioned about keeping an eye on my temperature and if above or below certain a amount then to go straight to A&E . I asked is this rare , she said no. I wondered how many had this type of emergency where they ended up in hospital even to stay in there over night etc ?


When I was diagnosed and then my chemo treatment was explained to me I was terrified, more worried about the treatment than cancer. I was told and read all the things you write about - but I can 100% honestly say I was fine I had NO side effects at all. They have to warn/tell you about the downside of treatment so you are aware, but at the time, it scared the hell out of me.
Once your treatment starts I think you will feel a lot more in control speaking to the nurses who administer the drug was so reassuring for me.

I know it is far easier said than done, but try hard not to over worry, be aware yes - come here to chat to fellow members going through the same - it really does help.

I wish you all the best as well as sending huge hugs.

Poppy xx


If you have a high temperature you should contact the chemo ward first. They should give you a booklet with all the relevant numbers and what to do and when to do it, as soon as you start your chemo.

Yes, I did have to go into hospital with a fever once during my chemo back in September. Unfortunately, I fainted at home and my partner called 999 instead of the chemo ward as he was very worried. I did have a fever, but the medics phoned the chemo ward and were told to bring me in. Fortunately, I felt fine enough after half an hour, to have my partner drive me in. I stayed in the chemo ward for a few hours, on IV antibiotics, then transferred to the Acute Medical Unit overnight. Discharged by 5pm the following day.

Hope this helps a bit, but please don’t worry unduly. Wait for the chemo ward nurses to give you all the written advice. This doesn’t happen to everyone, you will be very carefully monitored. Probably mine was caused due to my high dose chemo. It had to be cut short, from proposed 6 down to 4 cycles, due to to toxicity.

best wishes, sharlea