Chemo starts 1.12.08

I start chemo on 1.12.08(nice xmas present ) any advise would be gratefull xx

Hi Melly42

This is my first posting, have just joined the site. I have my pre-assessment for chemo on 1/12, so will be told my start date then. All I know so far is that I will have 6 doses, each one 3 weeks apart. I must say, everyone seems to know an awful lot about what treatment they are having, there is a wealth of info on this site. I think I’ve just been letting it all happen to me, not that there is any choice really. I guess at my appointment I’ll have a few more questions to ask.

It’s a bit scary isn’t it, waiting to see how it effects you. It’s good to see a lot of tips have been posted to help us.

Hope all goes well for you.
Best wishes


I have my 3rd epi on friday and the worst part of having the chemo is the unknown and you hear so many people side effects.
I have only 4 days of what you hear a lot about is chemo fog which is you just feel hung over i do get sick on my first day but they have changed my anti sickness tablets the key to it is if you have any problems at all phone your chemo ward and they will give you advice.

There is a thread on the top of this page called tips for chemo it well worth read.

Take Care

Hi Melly

As Poppet has mentioned, you may find the following thread useful to read, it has been compiled by users who have undergone chemo and it’s a really helpful thread of tips, you can read it via this link or go to the first page of the discussions and it’s there called ‘Top tips to help get you through chemo’:

You may also find it helpful to call our helpline where you will be able to talk to someone in confidence about any concerns you have. Our helpline is on 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes

Hi Melly

There are different combinations of chemo cocktails around. I’m on FEC x 3, followed by Taxotere x 3. I found the most amazing support on a thread started by another lady starting chemo the same day as me - there’s a lot of us posting on the same thread several weeks later. We’ve shared our side effects, experiences, hopes, fears, everything. I hope that you’ll find the support from other ladies, too, but if you want to hook on to the thread I use, you are so very welcome and we would all happily share our experiences and tips with you. Will find the link for you.

Best of luck with the chemo!


how did it go? ok I hope.

went for my pre-assessment today, I start on the 8/12 as long as my necrosis has cleared up sufficiently. Will be having 6 lots of FEC. The chemo nurse helped me with my fears of side effects, so I feel much better now.
after the first dose, I can have the treatment at home which I think will be better, as the chemo suite at the hospital made me sad.

hope you don’t suffer too badly on the side effects
best wishes