chemo to shrink lobular cancer

Has anyone had successful chemo to shrink a lobular breasr cancer. Mine is 6 cm and they are going to try and shrink it with chemo (starting10/12/14) before doing  a mastectomy in order to be sure of getting all of it out as it does not show itself as a lump. Apparently it does not respond to chemo as well as other types but i am trying to be positive

I will be joining the December thread for chemo tips


Love and hugs to all


I had great results with chemo. My lobular cancer was throughout my breast with the largest area measuring 9+cms. I had the T part of FEC-T first then the FEC, and after 2 Ts the oncologist estimated it had shrunk by approx. 20%. During surgery they said largest area was about 4.5 cms so chemo definitely can work with lobular BC.

Good luck and my advice would be try not to listen to the negative stuff and try to keep an open mind - everyone’s different. I had “the cold cap won’t work, why are you bothering?” (I did bother and kept most of my hair), told to prepare for really bad news re node involvement (but only 3 affected), “your reconstruction will not look so good after I’ve finished with you” (from my radiotherapist but so far so good 7 weeks afterwards)! You need to think the chemo is working to help you get through the bad days. It is very doable if you stay positive! Good luck and I’m sure you will get the result you hope for xxx

Thank you so much for your reply. It has certainly helped to ease my mind. I will put my positive head on when i start the first chemo-FEC on Wednesday 10th.

Thanks again