Chemo treatment date confirmed - 5th June

Hi all…Am new to this site, and whilst I am glad I have a date for my Chemo to begin, I am dreading the whole thing. Trying to be brave and strong, easier said then done especially as I know this may well close the door on my fertility… (PCT won’t fund as I don’t meet their requirements, mainly that I am not yet infertile (?!) and my partner already has kids, so we are deemed to have children already - don’t get me started on this!). The site seems to be full of positive vibes and stories of strength, support and courage - would appreciate an uninvolved hand to hold in this process… Thanks Emma xx

Hi Emma
Sorry you have joined us- glad you have a date so you know where you are headed. Chemo isn’t much fun but until you start you won’t know how it will affect you. Be sure to tell your medical team how you feel so they can adjust your meds to suit you. I think you wold be much better off on a thread where you will find other people at the same stage as yourself I think you will find it helps tremendously to go through it all as a group. I’ll post a note to BCC asking them to be in touch with you and to move you to a better place such as “Undergoing Treatment Chemotherapy”.
Best wishes for your treatment and outcomes.
Diana xx

Hi emmsie

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure you’ll find them a great source of information and support.

As Diana says, we will ensure your post is moved to the newly diagnosed section of the site to encourage more reponses from others.

Best wishes.


Hi Emma, I am starting at same time as you. I started thread for all us June chemo ladies / gents. I don’t know how to give you the link.

It will be in the section undergoing treatment - chemo therapy - starting June 2012.

Hope you find it if you haven’t already. There s also the younger ladies section too.

Everyone is very helpful and friendly.

Hope to catch up

Eleanor x

Hi EleanorI was having a few problems yesterday with the site so couldn’t access the thread you mention - as you can see from the messages above, I posted my message in the wrong forum because it wouldn’t give me any options!! technology hey?! Hopefully all sorted now so will look at the June 2012 forum and post on there (if it will let me!)Everyone does seem very friendly and supportive - nice to be able to chat to people whe aren’t directly involved but who know exactly what I am going through and feeling…Speak soon Emma x

Hi Emmise, i also am about to start chemo on the 5 of June, as I already have a family the fertialty is not a problem to me. But this is my second session with chemo, as 14yrs ago I had Luekima and had to go through some intense chemo for 10 months. During that time my periods stopped, but two years later they did returned, now I didn’t go on to have a family I did have to start useing contraceptives again. May depend apon your age as well. As we are about to star this journy I would like to be with you. Having my line put in tomorrow and scans on Thursday Good luck and big hugs. Carolann7

Life can be a b!tch sometimes can’t it? So sorry to hear you’re going through it again. I can only imagine how you felt when you found out…
I am 39 now. My partner and I had been trying for a baby and we did find out I was pregnant in Jan this year but unfortunately, the same week I found out I was pregnant, I lost it. And then this little curve ball!

I’d be very glad of your company as we go down this cr@ppy road together… As great as my OH, family and friends have been so far, it’s fantastic to be able to talk to people who really know what I’m going through and how I’m feeling…

Just one other thing, there is another thread on this forum called Chemo starting June 2012, or something like that… Few more people on there and also starting similar dates to us… May be worth a peek?

Good luck for Thursday and next week… Will be thinking of you and will catch up again after cycle 1 has begun (sounds much more fun then I know it will be!)

Take care and big hugs to you too xxx

Hi Emma
I am new to the site (still finding my way round) and new to BC (diagnosed April) and its all moving very fast, already had mastectomy and am waiting for my first chemo and just like you very scared. I was also told yesterday that after chemo will need 2nd op to take out lymph nodes, so its like a double wammy. Its a bummer at your age worrying about fertility but from responses everyone is very positive. Best of luck for 5 June and reckon I will be hot on your heels for my first date ! But loads of hugs and good luck. Janet

Hi Janet
I’m so sorry you’ve found yourself on this crappy road. I can imagine how you must be feeling at hearing you have to have more surgery after the Chemo. Although I consider myself “fortunate” in “only” having to have a WLE with an SNB, results of which were clear, I remember the 10 days inbetween surgery and waiting for results clearly and they were awful. When I was told the good news that surgery had been successful, we were then advised of the not-so-good news that I’d had a grade 3 cancer and it was oestrogen receptive, so rather than just having the Radiation therapy we were expecting, I was now going to have to have a 6-cycle course of Chemo, followed by Rads and then a 5 year course of hormone therapy, Tamoxifen. So I do understand to some extent how you feel when the results you get were not quite what you wanted to hear / expecting to hear.
God this is all so crap isn’t it…
I’ve been doing a pretty good job convincing myself that I am ok, I’m not sick, it isn’t really happening, but every time wigs or bandana’s drop through my letterbox, or people ask “how are you” then it all just reminds me that actually, I’m not ok! I’m really not looking forward to starting chemo BUT - the bright side is a) sooner it gets started the sooner it is over b) I can hang up my razor blades for a few months c) I will save a HUGE amount of time in the morning d) I don’t have to be the only one who makes the effort to go visit my friends and family, they can come to me! You have to look for the light amongst all the darkness sometimes…
Let me know when you start your chemo - I will let you know how I have found my 1st sesh… Fingers crossed I don’t have half the side effects others have described!
It’s going to be one hell of a journey but I am glad I have found this site and glad that there are many of us who can hold each others hands through this. Family / friends / other halves are great, but everyone on here really understands…
Good luck to you Janet, big hugs and take care of yourself
Emma xx

Hi Emma
Thank you so much for responding so quickly, it does make so much difference knowing women on this site are all going through the same you don’t feel so “different” do you. I spoke to my cancer nurse this morning to get a bit o clarification - did not take everything in yesterday. She explained after the mestectomy they found 2 tumours - grade 2 and 3 and both were taken away - so that’s a relief. As I said will start chemo once the wound from the matectomy has settled more (they are pleased with it so are) and like you will then start a 6-cycle of chemo - so I will definitely be looking to you for updates on how you feel. Then once that is sorted, little break and then op for the lymph nodes. I also find all the terminology confusing and find myself looking at the internet checking everything - sometimes not sure if this is good or bad !! Must admit I have quite an odd sense of humour and family/friends/hubby are not sure how to take it. I went out today to buy some shampoo with my sister and got an extra large bottle and said “I think I’m being a bit ambititious buying this size, but should last me a year or more !” - don’t think she saw the funny side and of course I did not have to buy my usual hair colour - so yep some positives. Anyway you take care, good luck with your first sesh Emma - you go girl and show them what you are made of. Again big hugs. Janet

Hi Janet
This site is a lifeline… It really is. As I said before, family/friends/partners are all great but unless you’re going through this or have been through it then you really can’t understand. I have to admit, I felt quite isolated at one point but that was mainly my doing - I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it because that would have been admitting it was happening and I wasn’t ready to do that. I have registered on the Young Woman’s Forum which is being held end of June in Leicester, seems quite a useful thing to attend, lots of talks, support, classes on relaxation etc. Facing the fear head on I guess…
So glad the surgery was a success for you - and hopefully the Chemo will help with the Lymph nodes too…
I know what you mean about the internet - it’s kind of a double edged sword isn’t it. It’s useful on the one hand but I think you have to take it with a pinch of salt. This is such an individual disease, what may happen to one woman may not be your experience, how one woman feels during chemo may be totally different to how you will feel. I try to bear that in mind but I have had the OMG moment once or twice myself!!

I love your sense of humour! Sounds very much like mine - in fact, when we found my lump, my partner and I decided it was a bit of stuck chicken that we needed to get out… You should have seen the surgeons face when I said to my partner after we had got the results “oh well, looks like I was never going to cough that bit up!”. She totally didn’t get me… Bless haha… I have also told work that if, at the end of the chemo, I rolled up in a pink wig going by the name of Candy then they weren’t to be surprised! And after I had the surgery, when my boss asked me how I was feeling and whether I could drive yet, I said I was ok so long as I was only given routes with left hand turns as turning right was still a bit sore!
As it happens, work have signed me off sick until I feel fit to go back so I kind of feel like I am on an extended holiday at the moment, and because I haven’t started any other treatment, I feel like a bit of a fraud and a bit guilty that I am just sitting at home chilling and enjoying the sunshine!

You take care too - I will probably pop back on here tomorrow to update things because I have an introduction visit at the hospital tomorrow lunch time (how lovely!!) so will let you know what things they tell me… Not sure if you have an introduction visit planned at your hospital?

Big hugs and positive vibes for you :slight_smile:
Emma xx