chemo tummy

Hi there i had mastectomy and recon, 1 node effected and all removed, could only stand 2 cycles of chemo and finished it in july, problem is i still have a stomach problem and is been over 2 months, its not painful, but a sour sensation in my belly all around above my belly button (intestines) i think does anyone know if its normal and how long does it take for most side effects to end
regards to all

Hi there, I’mhalf way through six cycles of FEC and having IBS i cope with a funny tummy most of the time. A consultant radiologist recommended that I try a probiotic tablet to re establish the right bacteria in my gut after the chemo drugs had zapped them all. Have been taking PREBIO 7 (bought from Holland and Barrett) for a week now and my tummy is much improved. Stopped the cramps, bloating, wind, spasms and heartburn…amazing!!!

This might help your chemo tummy. However i would recommend going back to your GP and checking that nothing sinister is going on in there.

Hope you’re feeling better soon.