Hi - just a quick question - how soon after surgery does chemo normally start if you have to have it???

Thanks xx

Hi Becky50


I’m not sure what guidelines say but mine was 30 days after surgery.


Hope that helps, and good luck with your treatment xx 


I had my mastectomy on 27/2 and start my Chemo on 3/4.

Hi Becky, there are national guidelines for all treatments, and hospitals can be fined for not meeting those targets. In my case it was four weeks so that both my wounds had healed. I had a WLE with full LN excision. In addition, I had a Hickman line inserted which was scheduled in a theatre, so that had to be factored in. You will meet with your surgeon who will determine if the wounds are healed satisfactorily. Then you will be passed on to the oncology department  who will double check the wounds to their satisfaction before proceeding with the chemo. As the chemo is so toxic your body needs to be well recovered. X