Chemotherapy or not

Having recently had a lumpectomy and removal of one positive lypmp node, I have been given the choice of having chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy.  I was started on letrozol when I was first diagnosed, my problem is I just can’t seem to make the decision, the team seem to think that chemotherapy could be over treatment as I had a stage two cancer.  Has anyone else had to make this choice?

Hi Marilyn I too was given the choice of chemo . I found a lump end of April 16 told it was stage 1 grade 3 invasive ductinoma .had op to remove lump and lymph node on 7 th June test results came back cancer had not spread to lymph nodes and good clear margins were got from the breast . Chemo was my choice as it did not make that much difference too my survival only about 3 % . But as I have a5 year old and a 8 year old I want to do everything I can to prevent it coming back. Was told it is a good way of mopping up and making sure it is all gone . I am only 39 so my age is the main reason I was offered chemo . Had my first round of ec chemo last Thursday 3 left to do . I have had sickness and not felt brilliant but it is doable . I then need 5 weeks of radiotherapy and 10 years of tablets as mine works of my hormones . It’s your choice at the end of the day and it is a hard decision to make . Either way there is lots of support especially on this forum . Michelle X