Chemotherapy - verbal dyslexia?

Advice please ladies…
Has anyone else had ‘verbal dyslexia’?
I tried to say elevate today, and kept saying evelate?
Yesterday was commenting on something and said ‘he is taking the picky’… I think in my head I was debating whether to say ‘taking the p***’ and ‘taking the mickey’.
Then this evening I was convinced that something was eleventeen ninety nine (£11.99)
I am seeing the funny side of it at the moment, but a little concerned that it wont be so funny when I am at work.
Hoping that its not just me and is the chemo?


So with you on this one, been coming out with very odd words and an inibility to pronounce words. Plus finding it hard to find the right words for things and confidence to use longer words that I’d normally use. Mentioned it to my nurse the other day and she said it was perfectly normal and will return so not to worry.

I too worry about returning to work as I’m a teacher but I’m sure we can relearn anything we’ve forgotten.

Em x

I had what I called Chemo brain all the way through chemo. I forgot all sorts of things. Funniest was when watching TV I would suddenly realise I couldn’t remember anything for ages, thank goodness for Sky+ my OH would laugh and start rewinding until we got to a point I could remember. Sometimes it was a very long time. I wrote everything down and put it in my mobile as well with a reminder alarm, not in my phone likely I would not remember it. I had last chemo on 3rd Feb and it is very slowly beginning to get better.

Many thanks Ladies, so glad its not me but the chemo!

Hi yes me to head feels muddled ,how are the side effects going as you had chemo same day as me ! I felt sick for 3 or 4 days but that has worn off now ,how is your sleeping going ? my sleep is a bit eratic ,I dont feel as bad as i thought I would feel but I dont know if next chemo will have different side effects do you .take care Jane xx