Hi All

Received my op results today and treatment plan.  After mastectomy, had 5 out of 14 lymph nodes come back as positive for cancer. Will have to have Chemo, radiotherapy and hormone treatment Not looking forward to chemo but not due to see Oncologist till end of January so won’t know what combination or for how long until then.  The thought of losing my hair makes me really sad but know that it is a strong possibility that this will be the case. Any advice from you lovely people would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi Chrissy

i am so sorry to hear about cancer diagnoses, it is extremely hard and chemo is not easy.  for now please think one step at the time and small preparations. Good protein, cocunut water  and probiotics helped me with my stomach issues- it was not too bad.

as for the hair, you might be able to save some if you consider using a cold cap.

the cold cap is great, while i did not save my all hair(maybe only 30 percent, the EC is dreadful for hair) and I had to cut shorter in order to use a cold cap as recommended before the whole hair has started coming back almost straight away(i believe after the 3 rd cycle of chemo). it came back my colour and my texture , which is a massive plus. the cold cap does takes getting used to , hence i wore layers of clothing and listen to the music first 10 minutes everytime to distract myself, then you sort of get used to it and forget about it .

i microbladed my brows and i lost most of them during the chemo too this has happened later on than my hair on the head , so microblading was a massive plus.

i also have been taking zinc tablets to protect my hair and nails during chemo- my oncologist told it is ok during chemo.

take care


I’m terrified of chemo but have a friend who had severe chemo for lymphoma lives alone and coped everyday. I work with another girl who has hormone positive cancer did chemo but no hair less . I dread if I have to do it as I’m phobic about hospitals etc . My hospital doesn’t use cold cap (in Ireland ) so not an option . What stage were you in rally anxious my surgery is Friday and I thought grade 2 would mean no speed to lynpg but now I know it’s not the case . Maybe get your eyebrows phi browned as that will help with looking more like yourself during chemo. Sorry your results were not as you expected . It could be me in a few weeks . I hate this new life