Cherishing the moment

Wasn’t sure where to post this but decided that as I have had such wonderful support from those who have read my posts here recently, that this was best.


Yes, I know one day is not going to change all the rough stuff we have to deal with daily, but I am determined to spend today focusing on my family and cherishing all the ‘normal’ stuff we always did with my son at Easter- egg hunts and then chilling out and enjoying the proceeds!!!

I find myself cherishing these milestones more than ever - a birthday,music concert,family holiday and drawing on the memories each evokes when I need a ‘mental lift’.

It’s these little ‘oasis’ that keep me focused on hope for the long term and not on the next hosp.visit.

So to all you wonderful people who are there for me when I need an empathetic ear- my wish is that you too can spend today doing what gives you pleasure.

Seren X

A very happy easter to you too -Im glad you are doing things you enjoy- I think we often forget to take pleasure in the things we do in everyday life, and this diagnosis certainly has made me look at things in a new light. I spent the day with my hubby, sister & brother in law and nephew who is 4, and has a lovely day with an extremely hyper 4 year old. I have to say I now take pleasure in the smaller stuff -seeing a robin, or a butterfly makes my day, a call from a friend, a kiss or a hug from my hubby, an invitation to lunch -this disease may be horrible but iut has taught me the simple pleasures of life, that i had somehow forgotton in my busy working life.

Enjoy every moment, hugs to you