Chest CT tomorrow

Hi ladies,
Just looking for a bit of support/encouragement, as I have a chest CT scan first thing tomorrow. I’m not having it under my onc, and he isn’t worried about mets (I am! I’m worried about everything!), I’m having it as my lung has collapsed a couple of times in the last year and the initial CT before my cancer treatment didn’t elucidate the cause. The resp surgeon is hoping that my breast rads stuck my pleura back together - my tumour was in the right breast, the same side as the pneumothorax - so no VATS needed; I’m expecting them to tell me much worse news. Esp as I’ve been getting really bad back/chest/right shoulder blade pain (but not bone pain, and bone scan was clear - yay!), and worsened the day after a glass of wine. Almost feels as though there is a huge names in my chest, twisting my spine and pushing out my ribs. I hope there isn’t.
Other than my lungs, what else will the chest CT show? Liver? Gallbladder? Heart I suppose. Stomach? My GP is at a loss regarding my back and right shoulder blade pain as a chest X-ray, liver and kidney function bloodwork were all normal.
Any words of wisdom out there?

*mass, not “names”… What’s with the auto “correct”?!

i had a ct scan before surgery and it show everything up, apparantly i have ovarian cysts which were invisible on ultrasound, so its good. not that it was anything to do with the cancer i had, i was told there was no cancer except the bit they cut out with my mx, so you at least know they can detect any problems as well as rule out other things that you might think you have, i was very impressed at how detailed it was.
hope this helps
angie xx

Thanks Angie, that’s a great help. Pre-surgery they did staging CTs and I have seen the report for the chest CT, no cancer showed up. They didn’t see the tumour in my right breast, but reported a lump in the left (which Ethernet once told me from the MRI I was benign). Amazing the detail they can show. I obviously hope there isn’t anything untoward going on, but when we get a set of clear tests it still leaves us wondering why something hurts/isn’t right!

Still waiting to see the consultant. Worried as radiographer told me they were leaving the cannula in after my scan…