Chest & rib pain from rads

I’ve had my 15 rads and now just started 5 boost zaps! I just wondered if anyone else feel like an elephant sitting on your chest??? :-).

Also, today my ribs on treated side feel bruised and crushed. As with most side effects of rads is this ‘normal’ too?



Hi, I had 35 radiotherapy treatments.  I have on and off pain in the area where it was radiated.  Oncologist said that happens at times.  You need to keep moving your arm to keep your range.  I found swimming helps but now cannot go into deep water as arm on left side can suddenly seize up.  

Hi Vicki,

I finished rads in Jan and I had minimal aches and stiffness, but in the last few weeks it feels like I have been kicked by a horse on that side and like Busyanne I’m trying swimming, but it does seem quite a few of us are starting to seize up courtesy of the rads. Kat x

Hi busyanne & orangecat,
Thankyou for your posts, not that i wish anyone to be suffering but at least i know its not just me! It seems there are so many side effects of the rads during and for such a long time after , i suppose they can’t tell us about them all!
Thanks for the tips to get swimming.

Last zap today - hooray, now back to trying a ‘normal’ life again!

Best wishes to you both