Chill pill??

Hi everyone
Am 2 treatments in with herceptin and apart from the prob I get with cannula’s in my hand it has been ok. But am concerned regards with my lifestyle. What I mean by that is - I have been able to ( on and off) go back to work - my job can be stressful and am use to having a drink to chill at the end of the day. Does this minimise the good effect the herceptin is doing or should I not worry? Am also on hormone treatment. Dont want to be doing something that would minimise the benifit of my treatment.
Any advice - to give up my chill pill would be difficult

techo x

Hi, I always used to like a drink at night, and beleive it or not when I got home after chemo!!!

I am now on the same treatment as you, but find I can’t drink anymore it makes me so sick!!!

Believe me if I could I would… A glass or two, or three always helped me unwind, hence I think my more negatives postings.

My advice is if you can take it have it !!! Don’t beat yourself up over a little pleasure, we lose too much going through this crap daily.

Love Teresa xx

Hi Teresa,It will make you sick!Well i never drink so i don`t know how it is feel like.But on the other hand you got a positive attitude,stay like that and chemo will be like a Chill pill.Love Charlotte