Choosing a wig

I am having chemo in the next few weeks and know I am going to loose my hair. I was browsing through web pages for wigs and found this. You might have seen it before but I though it might interest others who are in a similar situation.

Thanks so much for this. Had first FEC on Friday and am having a wig fitting next week so will def. be using this service. x

I had mine done with Trevor Sorbie himself - lovely man, so supportive and gentle and understanding. Took me by cab to Wig Trend in Brighton, helped choose a wig that was right for me and then took me back to his salon and cut and styled it a bit more to actually suit my face. Wig cost just under £90 and all his styling etc was done for free. Came out with a lot more confidence about losing my hair than when I went in! Well worth looking into and a visit if you have one close enough.
good luck and keep positive!
Karen xx

Another option I discovered was the wig dept in the Urban Retreat in Harrods. The week I went (2007) they’d just opened a new wig section in their hairdressing salon, and I was helped by a lovely hairdresser who really understood about face shape etc. There were lots of different ones to try on in a private area with surround mirrors and I got a lovely wig which really boosted my confidence, and didn’t cost any more than the other wig shops I’d been looking at.
Just a thought…