oh dear, been today for rads no.5 and 3 machines had packed up waiting times are horrendous, but OMG so many people with cancer its shocking

Yes, it certainly is an eye opener and a great leveler. I suppose we just never imagine we will be one of them.

i’ve just finished my chemo at christies and joked that it was like grand central station there (on a friday anyway!). Will be starting Rads next week.
Most times i have had to spend pretty much all day waiting, but the nurses are fabulous! Had a five day stay when i was nuetropenic a couple of months ago and could’nt have asked for better care if i was staying at the hilton.
Mucho respect!

yes it was a bit hectic today with 3 machines out. My machine was running 1 hour behind. the staff said they’d had to find slots for 180 patients!! There were alot of breast ladies today