Christmas is just not the same

Does anyone else feel unable to summon up enthusiasm for Christmas? I feel there must be something wrong with me because although I’m surrounded by all the atmosphere that prevails at this time of year, I feel it’s all without meaning as I struggle to come to terms with bc and everything else that has changed since dx. The most important thing is that I am lucky enough to see another Christmas with my son etc. everything else about Christmas that other people seem to enjoy seems irrelevant - I am on automatic pilot but my heart is not filled with the joy this time of year used to inspire in me - sorry to ramble but I feel so alienated from everything and feel I’m turning into some sort of ‘Scrooge’


I feel exactly the same as you. Tree is up - made the effort for sake of 14 year old daughter, presents are wrapped etc etc but I just cannot get into the spirit at all.

I too feel like scrooge but as you say, since dx, having had chemo then mastectomy last Monday - I just cannot be bothered and am on autopilot too. Everything you said has rung a bell with me.

How old is your son?

There is nothing wrong with you at all . I am sure there are many others on here who feel the same

Take care

You sound completely normal to me…how long ago were you dx?

karen x

Hi Fiona

Sorry to know you are feeling like me but glad to know I’m not alone - friends seem to be rushing around partying, visiting folk etc. and I feel like hibernating! ! My son is 17 and my house is often filled with the laughter of his friends and all their comings and goings and I put on my ‘cheerful face’ for the youngsters but when I’m alone I become this miserable person I don’t recognise. It certainly helps to know there are soulmates out there who understand.

Love Seren xx

Hi Karen

Thanks for the support - I was dx in July 2005

Love Seren xx

I feel the same. No enthusiasm at all - although I know I am very lucky.

Christiane x

I have had BC twice with a remission of 17 years inbetween but I still do not like Christmas and now my children are all grown up I do not feel at all guilty at doing nothing! Luckily my OH agrees with me.

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Seems to me we are all so so different since DX.

Hugs as we need them Rx

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I have been very positive throughout my cancer ‘experience’ this year. I don’t really have any fears about it coming back. Will deal with it when and if. But agree with you on the Christmas front. I refuse to be pulled into all the commercialism of it. I have been enjoying putting food out for the birds and squirrels in the garden, singing carols as I do the housework, but my tree is tiny and surrounded by cards from good friends. I am just taking the bits of Christmas that are real and mean something to me and totally ignoring all the rest!!

Jacki xx