Christmas Tree Baubles

Does anyone know if or where I can buy a single special Christmas tree bauble that is breast cancer related.?


I havent found anywhere in Uk but the breast cancer site in America have some

Hope this helps


Gosh do you want to be reminded of it??
I have had a horrid few days, hubby said i am obssessed with BC so i have withdrawn a bit from the site. Also felt down and confused.
I think if i bought a christmas tree bauble it would just totally confirm what he says.

Christmas for me is escapism from this wretched disease, but each christmas i always think ‘will I be here next year’? I will put my silver and lilac baubles on my tree this year and enjoy the season and buying pressies.


Hi Liverbird

I’m not trying to remind myself about it in a bad way, although Christmas will never be the same again because I was diagnosed a couple of days before Christmas last year and this time of year will be forever bitter-sweet. I’m just trying to make some sense of it all. The only thing I can come up with is that it’s made me (and others around me) realise that I am alot tougher than I once gave myself credit for. This was brought home last week when I was wincing whilst the nurse was trying to canulate me for the Herceptin. I said “I’m not brave” and she said “Nonsense. You’ve been through such alot this year you are much braver than you think.” So, for me, hanging a bauble on the tree symbolises relief - that I’ve got through this long horrible year and hope - that I will have the strength and courage to fight whatever life throws at me. On a lighter note, I will probably buy a simple pink bauble. There are a couple of nice, fancy ones on the American websites but I don’t rate their chances too high of reaching me in one piece.

When were you diagnosed? It sounds like BC has been part of your life for a while. I do hope you feel better soon. You have to! Buying those pressies and navigating the shops can be an ordeal at the best of times. I can feel internet shopping beckoning me, although I tend to overspend. But, for once, what the heck!

Take care



Well done Jibby your comments were great, everyone takes BC different and what works for some people doesn’t always work for others. I will also get a bauble but the idea of a pink one sounds great and will probably be a lot cheaper.

I also feel that I will be buying my christmas presents online (thank god we can)

love to you all



I think I’ll do the same, buy one particularly pretty pink bauble, not tell anyone why and just put it on the tree with a smile on my face that I’m still here to see another Christmas! Nice idea.

love Dru x

Hi Lesley

Thanks for your comments and thanks for finding the American sites. I am very much a computer novice - my son taught me how to use it last year before I was diagnosed. I don’t know what I would do without it now! It’s been the source of so much information and reasurrance. As for the shopping - I feel like a kid in a sweet shop. It’s much better than being pushed about and sneezed on!

Jibby X

Thanks Drew. I think I might do the discreet bit too. That simple pink bauble would encapsulate way too much deep personal meaning for me to want to explain its significance to non BC people.

Jibby X

I think I shall do the same… what a nice idea…

If you go to the on line shop on this site they have xmas tree decorations for sale…don’t know if that will be of any help.
Nice idea.

karen x


I think it is a fab idea and one that I shall be doing. I was going through my chemo last year at Christmas and really porly so I did all my shopping online, which was great. This year we are going to the Carribean for 2 weeks in December to celebrate the end of a hideous year, and here’s to a better one next year.

I can just see all our trees with the pink baubles on, what a lovely picture!

Lots of love Deborahxxx

i can’t abide the colour pink, so i shall buy myself an angel and call her Pink !!!

Thanks ladies for the feedback.

Babyboo - I did wonder at first whether it was a maudlin idea but after having such a positive response I’m definitely buying one. The majority of baubles on our tree have a significance of some sort to our family so this one will take it’s place alongside the others.

Karen - the baubles on the site shop are in a big pack and I only want to buy one. I’ve not started Christmas shopping yet but there must be single ones somewhere.

Quisie - Like you, I’m not a “pink” person but I’ll make an exception for this.The idea of the angel is good though.

Deborah - what a way to celebrate! It sounds wonderful - I am so jealous. You have to post back after your holiday to say how it went!

Jibby X

Oh Liverbird, I didn’t take it personally - I’m not like that. Everyone has different opinions and I respect that. You must be so worried. I really, really hope that you get good results from your scan. Take care.

Jibby X

Your post had “whisper back” on top. I’m probably being thick but I don’t know what that means.

Arh its ok Jib
Hope you find the bauble you want, i wouldnt chance having one sent though, i am always nervous getting them home from a shop they are so fragile.

Maybe BCC should start selling them as a fund raiser, i may even be tempted to buy one.

I see some shops have pink trees. Sometimes i think the world is turning pink. I even saw someone at a Liverpool football match with a scarf in pink and white with LFC on it, how odd. Half wondered if the Liverpool shop were selling them for tickled pink but i dont think so.



Nope, I’m not sending for any. They work out too expensive with all the postage. I agree, the world is pink mad. I don’t like the colour (not because of it’s connections with BC) - I’ve never been a pink person. My youngest daughter who is 16 is in the process of having her bedroom re-done from scratch. Everything has to be pink. Ugh!! We managed to coax her into having white bedroom furniture thankfully.

I’m quite traditional (maybe a tad old fashioned) where Christmas is concerned but there seem to be some strange colours of trees around.

You sound brighter - I hope you are starting to feel a bit better.