Chubb Club. Who will join me on this new journey ????

Hi everybody, who will join me to get fit and slim again.?? When I first found out I had BC I was 9st 10lbs now I am 12 stone. I need the help and support of people who understand. I lost my weight last time with the help of this community and hope to do it again. And we had fun on the way. See you Sunday for a weight in …around 10.00 ish …xxx

Hello there Jellylegs - I have managed to put on too much weight whilst going through treatment for breast cancer. I would love to join you on your journey and will weigh in with you on Sunday.


I’ll try too!

Welsh girl with the chubby legs, hips, arms and buttocks!

Me too, I didn’t put on any weight during treatment but need to lose several stone as was already very over weight before I got bc. See you Sunday. Weme

Fabulous! Count me in.

Please may I join in to. Struggling to lose weight after inertia and fatigue of treatment.

This is just what I needed, count me in ladies and the best of luck to us all.

I would love to join you too. i put on a stone and a half during chemo, but was already overweight before this began. Im still having Rads at the moment but will try my best. Atleast now Im not scavaging round the house as I was on Chemo!

Gill :slight_smile:

Would love to join in as well, have put on over a stone since end of active treatment two years ago. Have managed to lose 3.5 lbs in the last few weeks, but go on holiday on Monday so bound to put that back on! Will be here Sunday.

Beverley xx

Please count me in as well,have really piled on weight over the last ten months,keep heaping the blame on Letrozole but truth be known even though I am trying desperately to lose 2 stone gained, it is so so painfully slow.See you Sunday at 10 ish

I would like to join too. I have already started cutting down on what I am eating!, I am still doing chemo.

Hi ladies.
May i join the group. finished chemo today and have managed to put a stone and a half on x x

This is just what the doctor ordered, i gained a whopping 3.5 stone since dx.

Congrats on finishing chemo Amylou xxxx

Can I join too? I finished chemo at the end of May. I was 10 and a half stone before diagnosis and now I’m 12 stone, all seems to be on my tummy and it’s uncomfortable. I used to have a waist but it’s gone now. I’ve cut down on what I’m eating and having a walk each day but I’ve started taking Anastrozole so that won’t help. I intended joining my local Slimming World but don’t feel up to it yet.

Would also like to join, Do we just state our starting weight, then how much we have lost each week. need to loose 2st
Hello to you all xxxxxxx

Hello I just want to say that i have just read your Blog and You are one Incredible lady, a true Inspiration to all
good luck xxxx

thankyou. see you all sunday x

Hi, Please feel free to put your weight in on start of diet but if you do not want to thats ok too. But it would nice to see our weight loss over the next few weeks or in my case months! I hope to lose 2lbs over the next week.
We have had enough pressure so lets support each other and have a laugh. Any good tips or low cal foods would be good to. Good luck