Chubb Club. Who will join me on this new journey ????

me too please!! I need to lose about 3 stone. i have signed up to do the Ben Nevis walk for Breast cancer care
in September and know that im going to struggle with the extra weight!! Im climbing snowdon on tues as a trial run
for September - my ultra fit husband’s bright idea! so hoping to lose about half a stone by the time i reach the bottom! lol
See you all sunday!!


wow Deed!climing Snowdon, I am impressed.I did the Starlight walk last Sat. night, it poured the whole time and I could hardly move the next day! I too need to lose some weight, I try to eat sensibly and exersize as much as possible but can only stay the same weight.I blame the tamoxafen, nothing to do with the alcohol!! Good luck everyone with losing the weight.

Hi all , please may i put my starting weight on now, cuz wont be at home, dont really want to miss the weigh in.
13st 4lb. am also on tamoxifen, so dont know if it will allow me to lose any weight , but lets see xxxxx
best wishes xxxxxxx

I too won’t be here at 10 in the morning as I’m doing the Race for Life in Leeds. I’ll put my weight on now 10st (was 10st 3lbs a month ago which was my heaviest since DX in 2010). I have managed to lose 3lbs over the last month. Will check in later tomorrow afternoon.
Beverley xx

Morning lovelies.

Tax truck has rolled in this morning and Im sure was on the scales behind me lol. my start weight is 12st 4lbs. hoping to loose a stone in the next 6 weeks before my next surgery.

See you a little later when the pain killers are starting to work
love to all x x

OMG just been on the scales and it is not good news, 13 stone and 5 lbs, I have got a long hard slog ahead of me. Going to Centerparcs at the end of the month, i’d better not jump in the pool!!

Hi,everyone,sorry I am late. So here goes. I am 12st this morning and i hope to lose 3lbs this week. Good luck everyone.xx

I’m 9 st this morning, was 8 st 4 lbs before DX so proportionately that’s alot more. I now know what a muffin top is and I’m not keen on it. I get a lot of exercise, mainly hill walking, but I can’t seem to stop the comfort eating. Now I’ve owned up to the fact I can get on and do something about it!
See you next week and good luck everyone.


Hi everyone, I’m late as well, just finished mowing the lawns. Well, here goes, I was very overweight before I got bc and unfortunately I can’t blame the chemo as I didn’t put any weight on then. I am also now on tamoxifen so hoping I can lose a few stone (yes, stone!) before I go on holiday in October. My starting weight is 17 stone exactly.


Hi Everyone,

Can I join you?

I finished rads in February, still on Tamoxifen. I really need to lose a stone slowly as I am diabetic as well.

I was 11 st 9 12 this morning.


Hope I’m not too late to join in. I kept my hair (using cold cap) but piled on the pounds. I was 9 10 at diagnosis, a bit overweight for me, but hit 11st by the end of chemo about 6 weeks ago. Despite cutting right back on alcohol and beginning to become more active again I was still 10 12 this morning. On Letrozole which probably doesn’t help. Desperate to lose a stone because apart from looking and feeling rubbish, I worry about the link between fat and recurrence.
I’ll be away from home next Sunday morning, but will check in as soon as I can.

Hi everyone,I have been on constant diets since I had my 4th surprise baby at age 44! he is now almost 34 and Chemo and Letrozole means I am back on the diet trail once more.when this BCC site had problems our August group took ourselves over to facebook,Originally we were known as BWF(birds without feathers)now we are hoping to be Birds without Fat,since April I have lost 8lbs all so very slow.My son bought me a Fitbit which also monitors my sleep pattern,along with this I use My Fitness Pal which is free.I have belonged to Weight Loss Resources which has a free trial,but thereafter there is a charge.I have found the fitbit and my fitness pal used together a great help and keeps me motivated.Oncologist has told me the whole thing will be slow because of my age and Letrozole usage,most questions he has from patients are about Letrozole weight gain and joint pains.
I weigh myself on a wii fit machine which mainly goes on BMI and also announces 1lbs the moment I have a BMI of 30.75 which makes me OBESE!! if I lose the .75 I will then be OVERWEIGHT!!what joy!! My weigh in this morning showed a loss of 1lb.
Love and Light xxMavis
See you next Sunday after the Archers omnibus

Wow still need lessons on how to post on this site:0)
Sorry Mavis

Sorry late, 10.13 (Oh dear!) - clothed.

crazy lady whose climbing snowdon back again!!! got on the scales and thought my daughter must have been stood on them behind me… 15st 7 OUCH!! hopefully i will lose some of it on the way back down the mountain this week, although will have a bottle of wine waiting for me at the bottom!!
good luck ladies!


Hi All
I’m rearly late, busy day today. Well this morning it was 14st 12lbs. Oh dear.

can i join in too? was actually planning to join weight watchers today… but havent done it yet!

i was 8st 5lb before i was diagnosed in 2009 and went up to almost 10st after treatment. and by summer 2010 had managed to get down to 8st 10lb. went for hysterectomy and ballooned back up to nearly 10 stone again. then had peritonitis 5 months later in feb 2011 so was swollen and and sluggish. by summer 2011 managed to get back down to 8st 13lbs and then was diagnosed in aug… so after surgery, chemo, rads and ‘cant be arsed’ body im now 10st 2lbs!

i had actually managed to get down to under 9 1/2 stone before my holiday… i cant believe how quickly it all just piles on these days… i was never one who had much weight problems so now i feel like a yo-yo dieter… even thought im not one. lol
anyway id love to get back to 8st anything… preferably 8st! but 8.13 would do.

I hope I am not too late only weighed myself this morning!
Before my op I was 12 stone - now down to 11stone 1lb (mainly because my spare tyre was surgically removed!) - my ideal weight is about 9st 7lb so I have to lose over a stone and a half!
Good luck everyone!

Hi Deed ( and the rest of you lovelies)
Good luck on Snowdon (and Ben Nevis)! Not done either as I’m more a Lake District kind of girl, did Scafell to celebrate being 60. Full of admiration, pm me the link to your fundraising page for Ben Nevis and I’ll base my contribution on your weight loss. I have a problem with what I call exercise negative equity. I feel so proud of myself for having exercised I treat myself with something which has more calories than I’ve lost! Now prowling round the house trying to avoid “elevenses” ie a toasted crumpet.