Chubb Club. Who will join me on this new journey ????

Hi every one sorry I am late too.Weighed this morning 10st 10lb. As I said before I tend to stay the same by doing a lot of walking and eating a lot of salads.My downfall is the alcohol,not that I drink every day! but at least 2 or 3 times a week.I was dx Sept 2010
Had lumpectomy,rads and on tamoxifen, just had another 6 month check up and thank goodness all ok.
Good luck to all

Hi Foxy
Crumpets are quite low in fat so shouldn’t do any harm. Triffle sponge fingers are also good if you want something sweet. Trying to get down to 9 1/2 stone have lost 10lb so far.


I think it is the butter - hot and melted in that is the problem with crumpets! :slight_smile:

Grapes are sweet as are cherries when in season or pears?

Nobody here this Sunday? I went down to 10 10 this week, but weighed myself just now and seem to be back up to 10 12 Surely that can’t be the effect of the 6 units of alcohol I’ve had over the weekend (party last night)?

10.5 (at home) However, 10.13 at the hospital on Thursday, I need to stick to the same scales! BUT last week was 11 stone on my partners.
I think perhaps I have lost a few pounds (oh dear), BUT I am on steroids since Friday , for my last (hoorah!) TAX. So spect it will go up again. Still I guess it’s in the right direction.


I weighed yesterday morning as my daughter,partner and grandaughter were coming for lunch which of course involved lots of alcohol! I had lost 1lb but expect its gone back on again.Back on the straight and narrow, just had a big salad for my lunch (no alcohol) Sick of this awful weather! cant even get into the garden to do a bit of weeding.Will make the effort to walk tomorrow whatever the weather.Good luck to all x

Here I am, after lie in with the Archers omnibus and Desert Island Discs,this week Martina Navratilova who had BC in 2010 and pushes the Mammogram message very strongly.
My weight has stayed the same so still in the obese category at BMI 30.75,but still intend to enjoy Merlot this evening
Love and Light xxMavis

Hi all, been on the scales and am very pleased to see 13 stone 2 1/2 lb so I’ve lost 2 1/2lbs. I will persevere but I think it’s going to be a long hard slog!!

Hi Everyone
2lbs down for me ,which i’m very pleased with as I haven’t really put my mind to it this week. It must be that I’m moving around more now that I’m back at work.
Gill :slight_smile:

hello fellow chubbers. I made it up and down Snowdon, but what a major slog it was especially in the torrential rain and gale force winds!! got on the scales this morning and havent lost a SINGLE POUND!!! im absolutely gutted! perhaps it was the celebratory wine and champagne but think i deserved at least a pound. will persevere and continue my walking in preparation for ben nevis and hopefully it will fall off…eventually!!!


Hi all,

11st 8 14 this morning so I have lost 1 14lbs this week.
If I could do that every week I would be happy.


Hi everybody, My weight is 11st 11lbs this morning loss of 3lbs. It shoud have been more but I had family meal. I am really pleased and proud of myself.

joining in here…i decided to lose weight just prior to my diagnosis …and have stuck to it all the way through.On 31st October of last year I weighed 13 stone. yesterday I weighed 10stone 11lbs. (actually weigh myself in kilos and then translate)
I have done it by cutting out carbohydrates except for special occasions (like yesterday went out with friends - ate potatoes, drank beer).
I have also cut back on wine consumption.
So I dont eat potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, pastry, cakes, biscuits,sugar etc on a daily basis…eat dairy,(cheese, fromage frais, cream) meat, fish (loads of fish), vegetables (home grown) and fruit.
It really works. I dont go to the gym (aint one here!) but I garden and when the weather is fine I swim for at least an hour a day.(except the weather has not been as good as it should be here)
Am hoping to keep it up until I reach under 10 stone - maybe 91/2?
The Wii will tell me I am overweight still!!!

Hi everyone, sorry I’m late. Weighed myself this morning and I think im going the wrong way,I’ve put a lb on this week, must try harder next week. Weme.

Could I please join in too. I put on about 2 stone during chemo and I’ve been told I have to lose a stone before I can go on the list for DIEP reconstruction. I started Weight Watchers last week and had lost 3 pounds already since being weighed at the hospital. I was 11st 7lbs last week. Weigh in tomorrow.
Anyone else on Tamoxifen finding weight loss hard?

Congratulations, or commiserations, all round! Weighing in late as I was up at crack of dawn yesterday to do a walk in Cumbria, 14 miles and 1500 ft of ascent, after 16 miles fairly flat on Wed, and I’ve lost, ta-rah, 1lb??? I think I need to a) get some digital scales so I don’t have to wobble on them while I peer at the dial and b) eat less. Shouldn’t have had those fish and chips in Appleby but it was all that was open, honest.
So Deed, a couple of months to go to lose the weight before the big B. my deal is £1 for every lb you lose, how at risk am I? Bankrupt me, go on!!!

woohoo what a challenge Foxy and one i will gladly take up - THANKYOU!!! think i had better put the wine and pizza down
and get started!!! will hit the treadmill tomorrow and start on the salads. i could be a slim deed and raise money for breast cancer care at the same time! watch this space!!!


Weighing in early as off walking, sun shining for once! I bought a new set of digital scales and I’m not the same weight as on my old ones. So I’m rebasing at 9 stone 2 lbs and I’ll see how I’m getting on next week. But OH’s birthday tomorrow so a celebration meal may be in order with a few glasses of something - need to be good for the rest of the week.

I’m weighing in a bit early today as well as I have a busy day ahead. I’m really pleased after going 1lb the wrong way last week, I’ve lost 3lb this week so that’s 2lb loss from 1st week. Weme

Me too, out for lunch with daughter and OH. disappointed this week despite walking 2/3 miles a day and eating the right things I managed to put on 2lb!! Must have something to do with the alcohol,we go out Tues eves, will try to just have soda water this week.Oh and it was grandaughters sports day Friday so we had lunch out after! More booze! Still blame the tamoxifen!
Good luck everyone, I will do better this week.x