Citalopram for Hot Flushes

My GP has today prescribed Citalopram for me, to deal with the sleepless nights (waking up 4 times most nights) and the hot flushes. Has anyone else tried this drug? I looked up the possible side effects and I’m really not sure about trying this stuff, it looks as though it could cause more problems than it cures.
Feedback from others would be very welcome.
Thanks, Sarah x

Have you thought of sage tablets as a natural remedy. Read on another thread ages ago that it really helped someone with not flushes and kept it in mind as I am due to start tamoxifen after chemo.

I took citalopram unrelated to bc two years ago, side effects were dry mouth, weight gain and shaking hands. I stopped after six months. I have taken clonedine for the flushes for a month now and they are less frequent now. Still have trouble sleeping, too.

Hi Sarah,
Iv’e been on Arimidex for almost 15 weeks now and began taking Citalopram about12 weeks ago. They have definatley helped me with the hot flushes and have also lessened the se’s of the Arimidex which began after the first week of taking them.
My doctor gave me the Citalopram purely as an anti depressant. I still get some se’s from the Arimidex but the ad’s have most defiantely helped.
I have also lost weight since beginning to take them, although I have been having my rads treatment at the same time.
Hope this helps,
ps. also sleeping much better now!

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

My doctor perscribed clonidine for my hot flushes after reading the leaflet decided not to bother it says avoid alchol i enjoy having few cans of larger cant have it all my own way have to put up with flushes err

Hi All, thanks for your comments.
I’m very much in two minds over all these drugs I’m being offered by my GP. I was taking amitriptyline for the nerve pain around the armpit, then she added clonidine for the night sweats, but the combination of the two was giving me a terribly dry mouth. When I told her that, that’s when she offered the citalopram, but it’s getting to be more and more powerful drugs to deal with SEs so I’m tempted to go the other way and do without any of them, gradually over a period of weeks, and see if the night sweats have actually settled down. A bit unlikely since I’m on Tamoxifen AND Zoladex, but it might be worth checking.
Has anyone out there tried evening primrose oil for the menopausal symptoms?
Sarah x