Clatterbridge Centre of Oncology or Countess of Chester Hospital


Just out of curiosity, does anyone receive treatment at Clatterbridge or Countess?


Anne xx

hi sixpen
I do not go to the countess but have attended clatterbride for scans it is a FAB hosp and the staff are great and the place so clean.

Hope your coping.

Love R

Hi Ann,

I receive most of my treatment in the Royal Liverpool but go to Clatterbridge for tests etc. Have found it very good and efficient. My consultant is also based there.


hi sixpen, i have been attending catterbrigde for 5 years now with on going treatment , if i can help answer any question i will , sophie

Hi All

I’ve done another thread called ‘Enlarged Liver’ - I am a patient of Countess but the team from Clatterbridge come to Countess to do the treatments. I am under Joe Maguire’s team.

Anyway, when I had my first bisphosphonates IV, the bloke doing the injection said that scans were repeated every 6 months. I suppose that I have clung to this, thinking well at least there’d be a comparison between August and the ones due in February iykwim.
But, on taking my concerns about my liver to the team the other day, lady registrar said that they do not perform routine scans - just as and when concerns are raised. She is repeating my CT due to my worries but said that it is for reassurance only - she does not have any concerns.
So, basically, I was just wondering what schedule anyone else had in the area?

(My cousin was under the consultant - Mallock?? - based at Clatterbridge - she never had any scans but had to go and see him every 3 months. She had problems and was given 2- 8 weeks to live, she lasted 2 weeks and 1 day!!!)

Just wondering…

Cheers Girls

love Anne xx

Hi Ann,
I have repeat scans every 3 months, regardless of any symptoms, but have got lung mets,not bone. I think part of how you are monitored depends on your oncologist.


hi Anne , i am under Mr Malic , i have in only bones on 3 monthly scans mri and ct for the chest and liver . sophie