Clinical trial or conventional chemo?

Dear All

I feel I’m at a crossroads unsure which road to take, I have been diagnosed with tnbc which has spread to the lungs, I have been offered a clinical trial a combo of immunotherapy and chemotherapy or just the standard NHS chemotherapy 

which way do I go any advice would be appreciated 


Hi Jo,

I’d go with the trial but that’s just me.

There’s lots of innovative treatments coming from trials.

Hope you hear from lots of other viewpoints. 

Angel Eyes 

Hi Jo,

I don’t have TNBC but I have been reading up a lot on immunology and its advances for treating SBC.  It seems from the research papers/articles I have read that Immunology does seem to have positive effects on TNBC in particular and it looks like this is the way research is going forward in an effort to try and find the best way of treating TNBC.  I don’t know if any immunology type therapies are routinely given on the NHS right now, so I think on the basis of both those things, my personal choice would be to give the clinical trial a go.  However its what you feel comfortable with, so maybe its worth having a more in-depth conversation with a medical professional about the clinical trial before you make your decision.