Hello ?

I’ve a lump for a couple of months so I went to my GP 2 weeks ago who referred me to the Brest clinic. I was out of the doctors no more then an hour and the hospital rang with an appointment for the following week.

I went last Tuesday and I thought it’s probably just a cyst the consultant thought so too but opted to send me for a mammogram! I’d had my regular one in june last year but all ok. 
had my mammogram then sat outside the room no more then 10min and I was called for a scan. My lump is behind my nipple so when I lay down not as palatable. The scan lady had me sit up then lay down slowly so she could get the right area.

after a few mins and lots of pictures she turned the screen and pointed to an area saying this looks suspicious and I would need a biopsy. With that she left  to get the radiologist.

she returned to do the same and spent a while under my arm pit then set everything up for the biopsy.

during this procedure she attached a clip/pin to the area. She says it was so the surgeon could find it if I needed an operation!

has anyone rise had this happen if so is this the reason?

im a super strong person but I’m spinning a bit now as it’s gone from “it’s probably a cyst”to now a case of this could be cancer. 
also my fist appointment was breast clinic this next letter which arrived the day after biopsy says Brest surgery! Is this normal !

thank you for reading
trying to be gentle with myself but head is a mess xxx Cazzy xx

Hi Cazzy , they often place a clip in the area of the biopsy if they think it may need to be removed for further examination ,it helps guide the surgeon to right area particularly if the lump cannot be felt .

There is lots of support and advice here if you do get diagnosed . Best wishes Jill x

I had a clip put in place as part of the biopsy procedure.  A short while after my biopsy I went for an MRI scan to get a better picture of what was going on. The clip shows up on this so they can match the image with the results of the biopsy.

fingers crossed for you