Clot in arm

Hi there,
Been reading posts about painful arms and cording and I have had this too for a few months after 2 FEC going through-cant straighhten my arm and cording is painful. Then had a smallish hard red lump come up on my forearm, which got scanned and found to be thrombosis but think its only in superficial veins but now started on clexane injections to thin my blood. Has anyone else had this - and if so how long for they said maybe 6 months! Anyone else had this problem,- I knew the veins in my arm were bad after 2 FEC but they didnt scan it earlier.
thanx would be good to hear any other experiences. I wish Id had PICC line put in at beginning.


I had a thrombosis in a superficial vein in my arm after I had finished chemo. It was pretty painful to start with and I was told to rub anti-inflammatory gel on it. The oncologist said it would go away on its on…and sure enough it did! I had a portacath fitted after my second chemo, otherwise I think it would have been a lot worse!!

Rawlie x


I also and lumps in my vein and was diagnosed with phlibitis and celulitis, both of which have almost cleared up aftery first chemo on 29 January. I had a port fitted before my second chemo.

I have a dark line on my arm and small lumps which I have been told will clear up in about 6 months.

It is painful and straightening the arm was painful but it does get better.

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Yes, I developed multiple superficial blood clots in my arm after my first chemo and couldn’t straighten my arm due to pain. I had to have heparin injections for 6 months - I decided to administer those myself. The clots themselves soon disappeared as did the pain etc but the reason you may have stay on the injections is to ensure it doesn’t happen again. As the chemo could well be causing the problem and you haven’t finished that then they will advise this as a precaution.

I couldn’t tolerate the PICC line so I ended up having a portacath which was a God’s send.

If you want anymore info do feel free to PM me.

take care
Elinda x

Two weeks after had my first chemo (FEC) and I have had a lot of pain in my arm, some swelling which I have already told the hospital about and they are not that concerned, but this afternoon noticed a ‘hard lump’ between my elbow and wrist which is painful to touch

I don’t know whether to put a ice cold compress on it or iberfuran(sp?) gel and a wrap in warm hot water bottle.

I will ring the hospital tomorrow to seek advice but any views on how best to treat in the meantime


can really sympathise with you With my hard red lump in same place I was told initially to use a hot water bottle and ibuprofen gel on it, and certainly thought the hot water bottle helped. If you are worried about your arm pain are you having a line in? I had a PICC line put in after my 2nd FEC and I really dont think I could have stood any more pain in my arm. Although didnt want a PICC initially it made everything so much easier would really recommend it, and wish Id had one in from the start. My arm is still sore and cannot straighten it and have been told to massage it but that hurts too.

thanks Debs…

I am considering a line as I don’t think my arm could stand much more! it has been very painful and another 5 rounds of chemo I think would be too much to bear. I wasn’t given a choice at the start but I just went along thinking my veins would stand up - FEC is obviously very nasty to veins and mine haven’t held up well at all. I spoke to the chemo sister on friday and she said that is probably better to get a line sooner rather than later as the longer it goes on the worse my arm will get. I just don’t know how to go about getting one? do I wait until my next chemo and ask then or do I have to ask in advance…?

I have put a cold compress on it tonight but it hasnt done any good it still there so I will try hot water bottle - I am worried about what the lump is? what cream do you use to massage it with>



Hi I cant recommend enough about asking to get a PICC line put in as soon as possible as I had to wait to get an appointment to get it fitted as only specially trained people/ nurses/docs can do it. My chemo nurses organised an appointment for me when they saw my painful arm and brown lines on inside of arm. Think the red epirubicin of teh FEC is the worst one for veins. They had trouble trying to get PICC line in my chemo arm, I think as the veins were so bad as think mine are small anyway. (didnt hurt or anything trying at least) they didnt want to put line in my operation side arm but that was only option really and had to go back the week after to get it put in that arm instead and it went in straight away no problem. The appointment took upto an hour to get sorted as they took a chest xray just to check it was in right place etc.
they told me the lump was thrombophlebitis inflammation of veins which can go on its own but after it came back again got mine scanned and it was a clot and now on injections. Dont think its that unusual to get the inflammation though. Has anyone seen ypur lump? I phoned the unit and went in to show them They did say to use brufen gel to reduce pain inflammation but phone your unit and ask.

hope all goes ok and calms down

thanks debs, the lump has calmed a bit today although it is still there. I have an appointment on Monday and will discuss it then. I am really considering a Picc line even though it may mean a delay to treatment - I think it will be worth it in the long run. thanks for your help