CMF timing of taking pills

Hi - I’ve just moved into the CMF part of my E-CMF. finding that I feel really rubbish - sick, dizzy, aches, headache, hot flushes etc. from about 2hours after taking the Cyclophosohamide.

I’m currently taking them about lunch-time when I have managed to get some food into my stomach. I was wondering if others have tried shifting the time to avoid having too many side effects during the day? If you take them later can you sleep?

Any tips welcome - I just feel that if I can minimise the unpleasantness it would be great. I was told that CMF would be easier than Epi. The problem is that the side effects are pretty much as bad but at least with Epi the worst was in about 5-6 days - this is dragging on and I guess will continue for at least the 14 days I take the pills. Currently feel tempted to chuck the darn things down the loo!!

Thanks - feel a bit of a whimp when I hear what others have to deal with.

Hi Swanie

First of all you are no WHIMP!

Are you taking the tablets all at once?

If so try spliting them up over the day.1 morning 1 lunch 1 tea 1 nighttime
I found this worked for me.

I found I was better on the EPI the CMF seemed to go on for ever.

Good Luck and You Will Get There!
Take it from someone who has the T-SHIRT.

Good Luck and hope this helps
x Sending you a Big HUG!x

Janet - thanks so much for your reply. I will definitely follow your advice. I was under the impression you had to down the lot at once.

I’m glad I’m not the only one to find the CMF harder - my onc. has kept telling me it will be a lot easier. Also I am not quite halfway through my chemo timewise and I feel like I’ve been on it forever with forever to go. I keep thinking that once I reach the halfway point I will find it easier as I can start seriously counting down to the end.

It is great knowing that others are out there it is easy to feel a bit isolated at times.

I hope that everything works out well for you
Love Swanie

Hi Swaine

Forgot to say I also took the anti sickness tablets after each chemo tablet as well.

Let me know how you go on. Do you have to have Rads as well?