cmf treatment problem

hi my wifes just had her 2nd cmf,she sailed through the epi.but the cmf seems to
give her a swallowed a boiled sweet feeling in her chest has anyone else had this,
she spoke to the nurse and has been prescribed fluconazole but it dosent seem to
help it.she seems to think its acid from her stomach but indigestion aids arent a help any advice?

I am just about to start my 2nd cmf. I have a horrid taste in my mouth since the 1st cycle. I have had the pain in the chest and the burning acid feeling. I found the only thing that help was gaviscon or pepto bismol. I know fluconozole is given for thrush so maybe they think she has oral thrush caused by mouth ulsores but i haven’t been plagued with those thank goodness.

I hope she can find a solution, i know we get all weird and wonderful pains and sensations and are never sure whether it is caused by the chemo or something else going on.

Gaynor x


Has she been prescribed omeprazole - its a strong antacid and very good - needs prescribed tho - not over the counter


HI Simes,

Just to second what Fiona says, Omeprazole is defo the way forward! I struggled terribly initially when I switched from Epi to CMF, then my Gp prescribed Omeprazole and I found them to be a godsend!!

Take care,


Hi Simes
I know exactly what your wife means. For me it feels like I have dry bread blocking my food pipe. It is awful and I feel better after a good burping session… not very lady-like I know, but I drink something fizzy and it does seem to help. I too also got myself a prescription for omeprazole 20mg from my GP which helps too. Omeprazole 10mg can be bought from the pharmacy, but working in the pharmacy profession, this is not a therapeutic dose and I would recommend 20mg daily and perhaps 40mg on really bad days.
All the best to the both of you

Carly x