cold cap and tax

Can anyone give me any advice, I have had 3 fec, and I have used the cold cap , which has been quite successful, although hair has thinned. I am now going on to Tax, does the cold cap work with tax, as I have been told not to bother with the cold cap as it does not work with this regime. I now dont know what to do, can anyone give me any advice. Thank you Elainexx

Hello Elaine,

I did 4 x FEC and 4 x Tax and used the cold cap right the way through. I had the same result for both drugs (my hair thinned, but I kept most of it). In fact, it even seemed to grow back a bit when I was on Tax.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.

Hugs, Angelfalls xx

Thank you so much Angelfalls, your comments has given me a real boost I needed,at the hospital the onc said not to bother, but now I will continue and think positive. Thanks again and hope you are doing

I had 4xAC and 4xTAX and was also told the cold cap wouldn’t work on TAX. I persevered anyway and it did thin a bit more, but other bits started growing back and I was sporting a proper hairdo a month post chemo and was over the moon with the results. I’d definitely give it a go…! X

Hi Elaine

I can’t comment on the cold cap but shortly after my first Tax my hair started to grow back and by the time I finished I had a complete covering of regrowth. I’m sure one of the Nov ladies (Gill) used the cold cap and she had 6 tax (I think) and whilst she had some thinning she kept her hair. Give it a go, if it doesn’t work you’ve not lost anything and if it does work it’s a bonus. :slight_smile:


Please please persevere with Cold Cap!!! As others, I did 4 x AC and 4x tax and thinned but kept most and also as adobe it started growing back on tax!!! I sing it’s praises even though it’s tough when it’s on!! Soooooo worth it!!!good luck and well done for half way thru!!! X

Abode = above!!! X

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments, it has really helped, and I had my first Tax yesterday, so keeping everything crossed. This site is wonderful and helps me no end. Will keep you updated on the hair, hope everyone is ok. Thanks again have . Love and hugs to all Elaine xxxx

I had my last chemo (Tax) today and like the others, I found the cold cap worked just as well with Tax as it did with FEC 100 (better, even as my only big loss was after my first FEC. And I too have re-growth in the places I thinned. I am really glad I persevered, as even though I’m planning to cut mine quite short now I don’t have to start from scratch. All the best with the rest of your chemo!
Carrie x

Thank you Carrie, and at last you have finished your chemo and can start getting your life back in order a little bit. Well after all these postings I feel much stronger, like you my greatest hair loss was after my first Fec. It was just a small comment by the onc that really set me back, he said that it wouldnt work as well with the Tax, and when you are feeling low thats all you need to hear. I know it seems triviel to worry about hair loss, but keeping mine has meant alot to me, and has helped with my emotional health. We are all different. Thank you again for your support, and good look in re growing your hair back to its former glory. Much love Elainexxx

I used cold cap through Epirubicin, Tax and then CMF. I had hair loss but not enough to show. Weird idea that it wouldn’t work with Tax. It was suggested that I needn’t bother with CMF (C & F as in FEC, just a diff regime) as it only causes hair thinning, but I wasn’t prepared to fall at the last. My hair started to grow back underneath before I finished chemo but I’m convinced the cold cap protected the regrowth too.
I’ve heard so many people say cold caps don’t work but they clearly do for the people posting here. Good luck with the Tax.