This is my first post, although i have been reading yours since first finding my lump in April. I have found them, interesting, positive, imformative, encouraging and sometimes amusing but most of all a great help when things seem very low thank you.
I start chemo on Wednesday and have been offered the cold cap treatment does it work and is it worth it can anyone advise?

Hello Rachel

I would say definitely try the cold cap. I have to say it didn’t work for me as my hair fell out anyway, but in the chemo clinic I see loads of women for whom it’s working really well and who have lost hardly any hair. Some women find that their hair thins out but not enough to need a wig or scarf.

It can be a bit unpleasant at first. I found that the cold cap gave me a headache - from the pressure on my head - but it got much better after the first 10 minutes.

Good luck for Wednesday. What kind of chemo are you having ?
Love Anthi

worked for me Hi Rachel

It worked for me, I first had 4xFEC and yes it did thin slightly but no one noticed (not even my sister) I still had it shoulder length and was even tonging it on the odd night out.

I then went onto Taxotere which was not so kind and it thinned alot more but I was able to wear it in a ponytail to disguise it, I didn’t have to use a scarf or a hat once.

I finished chemo last july, waited until december and got an all over cut to even it off and started getting it coloured again feb this year.

You could try it, see how you get on, take a couple of headache tablets before you go and a cardy to help keep warm. I used simple hair products and a wide toothed comb to gentle brush through my hair.

Take care,

Debbie X

I had 4xFEC,4xTaxol.cut my thick waistlength hair to mid-back,went for the cold cap and hoped for the best. I actually held on to most of it during the FEC but although passable it started coming out more on the Taxol- I started getting a little bald patch on the crown of my head but nothing I couldnt cover up.It probably would have held on to the end of my chemo but I was attacked by a lunatic and the lot came out within a week!..I’ll never know if it was the attack or the Taxol but I’d say give the cold cap a try and hope for the best…Good Luck!

I had the cold cap during my 6 sessions of FEC and hardly lost any hair at all (neither did my friend who also had the cold cap). However I found it really unpleasant and for years after couldn,t walk past the freezer counter in the supermarket without thoughts of chemo flooding back. When I had taxotere 5 years later , I thought I would rather lose my hair - which I did. It wasn’t so bad and came back thick and curly which I loved (it is straight again now unfortunately).
Best wishes

Ask your chemo nurse. Hi Rachel

Chemo nurses are a great source of information on stuff like this.

Mine told me that the cold cap is fully effective (ie minimal hair loss) in about a third of cases, partially effective (substantial thinning) in another third and totally ineffective in the remaining third.

She also warned me that I was one of the ones for whom it probably wouldn’t work (due to the high level of epirubicin I was receiving as part of FEC. Anything above 100 something or other means it is less likely to work. I was getting 170.)

I gave it a go anyway and didn’t find it too uncomfortable but she was right and my hair began to come out on large handfuls from about day 16.

It’s definitely worth trying. Just be realistic and you won’t be too disappointed.


Thanks re cold cap info Hi All

Just a note to say thanks for starting this thread as I was wondering about the cold cap treatment. I will start chemo after my second surgery. So I was interested to know if this worked as I have longish hair. I’m still going to get it cut anyway just in case.

You have restored my faith in this as I had read more that it didn’t work. I will give it a try on my first treatment and see how I go. I’ll remember warm clothes and paracetamol!

Thanks again

GS :slight_smile:

Hi All
thank you for all your info its a great help, I am not too concerned myself about the hair loss if the treatment makes me well its worth it, i am more concerned with side effects stopping me being a fun mum throughout the summer, but my daughters were both quite alarmed at the thought of me bald so thought i would give the cold cap a try for them.
I am starting first of 4 FEC tomorrow followed by 4 Taxatere so feeling slightly worried. Thanks again everyone

Hi Rachel,if you’re anything like me you wont feel too bad on the chemo.I certainly didn’t have to give up the social life- although nothing TOO hectic! Also had fun times with friends and family infact travelled all over the British Isles visiting them as I had so much free time on my hands.Started to get really tired towards the end of the Taxol though!..Good luck with the chemo today (I found my first FEC the worst)and I hope you and your daughters have a lovely Summer.

Josie x