Cold Cap results so far.....


For anyone just starting with the cold cap or thinking of trying it, here is a picture of me heading off for a New Year’s Eve party with my own hair after 5 x FEC! It has thinned a fair bit, especially on top, but not enough to cause stares or comments. I hope there is a picture when posted as I have tried this before and it didn’t work.

Good luck to anyone trying the cap and Happy New Year to all xx

If anyone wants any tips or hints, feel free to PM me

Jayne x

I’ve had 6 out of 8 cycles (had 4 x ec and am now half way through 4 x tax) using the cold cap. It isn’t easy but it has been really successful for me. So I would definitely reccomend peope give it a got. It has saved me a lot of explanations at the school gates as people can’t tell I’m having treatment.