Cold cap: stop or keep going with it?

Hi all,
Just need some help from anyone about the cold cap. I’ve had 3 x EC with 3 left and have used the cap. My hair is coming out in strands all day and lots when I ‘tickle’ it with a wide tooth comb. I am not touching my hair, not combing it and only wetting/patting shampoo on it once a wk/10days and I’m not moving at all when i sleep. I feel that if I did any more than this then it would all be gone by now. If i put my fingers thro my hair I get lots of strands coming out. I just dont feel that it is working and I’m so tempted to get a brush and brush it normally to see if it is. I think that i’m kidding myself it is and if i carry on like this my hair is going to all come out the minute I eventually treat it normally.
Also, Do you know if generally the hair loss settles down/stays the same or gets worse?
I’ve read that some people find their hair starts to grow back before their last treatment - does it still fall out at the same time?
Look forward to any help - Thanks x

Hi Andrea and welcome to the BCC forums

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Stick with it if you can bare it! I had fec and tax chemo and was told the cap wouldn’t work with tax so not to bother, but I did and kept a healthy mound of hair! It did thin and times I thought oh god it’s guna go but it didn’t and was so worth it, good luck


I had 8 sessions and lost alot and it was very thin but filled out really quickly. A couple of months after my final chemo i had a chin length bob and was so pleased with the result. It must be working otherwise you’d have no hair!! The constant shedding is annoying but I got around it by wearing mini headscarves or headbands and clipping my hair down too.

My biggest loss was at the start - a couple of weeks after my first session when most people lose their hair - for the rest of the time I had a constant shed.

Good luck with your decision. Hope it goes well if you continue to use it.


Hi I’ve had 4 ec and got 2 left.
I lost the most on the first one and then it sort of slowed down.
My hair is very thin but I’m wearing scarves and head bands rather than wigs. So all I know is that without it I would have no hair so it must be working.
I know its hard going but you have come this far!
I just keep telling myself that as well… Just hoping it grows back quickly…
Good luck xx

PS I also asked the exact same question halfway through and am really glad I got the advice and encouragement to continue. X


I am due my 3rd Fec this week and have been using the cold cap

I have lost some hair but not enough to mean I have to wear a scarf.

I had my hair cut short sleep on a silk pillowcase, I wash my hair every other day and use some morrocan oil on it after washing. I dont use any other hair products and only use a cold setting if I dry with dryer. They use the paxman system and I have it applied well before and for an hour after. The oncologist told me i only had a 25% chance of success although i am told that Paxman quote a 75% success rate

Good Luck

Love poppy x

Hi - thanks so much for your replies - it’s so nice to have support.
It’s hard not to think that when the hair is shedding it isnt all going to come out. As i’m not washing/touching/combing really at all I wonder if it is really working or am i kidding myself.
Poppy, i feel if washed my hair every other day i’d have none left. Do you wash it normally by massaging scalp and brush it normally?
Sandytoes, did your thinned areas grow back straight away and quickly? How long after your last treatment did it stop shedding?
thanks x