Cold Cap with FEC -T

Hi, I’m having 3x FEC and 3x Tax and using the cold cap.
Just wondering if anyone can share their experience of hair loss whilst doing the same, please?
I lost no hair after first treatment. Have just had 2nd FEC and lost what seems to be a lot of loose hair in the first week, although it’s not obvious to others.
Do we continue to lose hair at the same rate throughout, or mainly in the first week after each treatment?
Is hair loss rate the same with Tax as with FEC?
Has anybody got reasonable hair cover after using the cold cap throughout 3 FEC and 3 Tax?
Many thanks,

Hi Natalie,


Last year I had exactly same chemo treatment as you and managed to keep up the cold cap throughout. I did lose some hair each time so after last tax was much thinner but didn’t have any bald patches so never needed a wig. I think its really important to make sure cap fits well especially on the top of your head. It’s now coming up to a year since I finished chemo and my hair it back to its original thickness. 


I know the cold cap is not for everyone but it was a success for me. 

Good luck

Karen ?

I’m having the same type of chemo and using the cold cap. No 3 is due on Tuesday 10 March. I lost virtually no hair the after the first cycle. This week I have lost some but it’s not obvious to anyone else so far.

I used it throughout my treatment. I lost a lot of hair after the first FEC, particularly at the top, but after that it really slowed down. I did need to wear a hat to disguise my thin bits, and even more to keep my head warm! My hair started growing back soon after the first TAX. I finished chemo in January and now have a very convincing covering all over, mixed in with the longer bits that I never lost. I pin it up an unless you know, you can’t tell that there’s anything wrong with it.

Good luck with it! It is definitely worth persevering, and it gets easier on the TAX because you don’t have to have it for so long.

Thank you so much, ladies. Great advice. I’m inspired to keep going with the cap.
Best wishes Natalie