Collapsing breast? (advice needed)

I had a large benign pyllodes tumour (about 65mm diameter) removed just over a fortnight ago. All went well until yesterday when I was shocked to find my breast had collapsed flat on the side of where the tumour had been. I had been out dancing the day before and let loose for a few hours bouncing about after a few drinks.
Everthing is closed over the Easter break and do not know if I should go to the hospital about this or whether it is normal.

My friend who recently had breast cancer and another friend’s mother who went through the same, had both been told to wear soft bras day and night. I wasn’t told to sleep with mine (I didn’t ask), so still sleep on my stomach without a bra. I was told that I may have some dimpling and slight deformity, but this was sudden and severe. I woke yesterday in pain when it happened and it still feels like I have torn something inside. I have pushed some of it back and only take a bra off to shower, but it still looks deformed and wonder if I’m making it worse.
Can somebody please tell me if this is normal or what to do next?

Hi MissMiss

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I am sorry to read that you have this worry at the moment, can I suggest that you call the ward where you had the surgery as one of the nurses may be able to give you some advice?

Take care

Thanks Lucy,
I tried the specialist and breast clinic numbers I had but didn’t even think of trying the hospital.
Thank you for the forum which I have reading for over a month now. Have a happy easter,

And to you

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Hello there!

Hope you managed to get through to the ward, and have been given some good advice/reassurance by them! xx

I did not get through on the weekend, but took a friend’s advice who got BC last year. She told me to switch to the HEAVY DUTY wire-free sports bras and wear it for support day and night and not to panic, as hers came back into shape. I must admit that the pain over the last couple of days has been much worse than after the operation, but my breast has a curve again, even if still a bit flat in the effected area.

I spoke to the nurse today and she agrees that the advice was excellent as I need the support while it mends, particularly having a large cup size and a large tumour removed. Apparently the shape can return as breasts do not have muscle (like I thought) and I have just moved something inside rather than pulled something. She said signs of infection to the wound would have been a major concern, but to still monitor my mend and call back if I have any more concerns. My constant business travel (with suitcase) and need to exercise again, did not help in the healing either.

I am now strapped up well and a lot happier knowing that this is normal. There was nothing about this online and I just paniced.
It just goes to show that even if you feel fine after the operation, it’s worth taking things easy for some time and opting for extra support if you can.