Coloured my Hair 3 months after chemo

Coloured my Hair 3 months after chemo

Coloured my Hair 3 months after chemo Hi everyone

Just to let you know that I had my hair coloured on Saturday three months after finishing FEC chemo. I managed to keep my hair by using the Cold Cap and was told not to colour my hair for 6 months by hairdressers. Anyway had an oncology appointment on Friday and mentioned to my consultant that I’d like to colour my hair again cause of all the dark and grey roots and he told me to go ahead it would be fine. Made an appointment straight away and it went absolutely fine. No funny colour and hair is still intact!


I dyed my hair within a week of finishing chemo. My hair had started growing after the epirubicin so I had half an inch growth whilst having CMF and it was all grey. At 44 I’m too young to be all grey and I couldn’t really understand why I couldn’t dye my hair . my scalp was not sensitive so I went ahead and there were no problems. I wonder if this wait 6 months advice could be revised. I couldn’t have stood 6 months of grey hair.

Off to make an appointment with hairdresser, cant stand this grey and black look!!

Clare (S)

Reading your posts I thought I would try a wash in temporary colour to cover my grey as I am now 3,1/2 months post Chemo’. Oh dear what a mistake !!! I used a mid brown and I’n now a pinky / orange !! Despite the sachet saying it only lasts about three washes It just wont wash out so am now still wearing the wig as I dont think I’m the right age to go punk !!! Anyone know how to get the colour out without damaging my hair which is now growing well, about 1, 3/4". I am longing to ditch the wig !!!
Punk Grandma !!!

Hi everyone,

Yes, I too coloured my hair about 3 months after finishing chemo, when my hair was long enough to be seen out without my wig! I used Naturtint - which doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals apparently. It worked fine and I’ve since coloured it another twice. I too couldn’t stand the grey, and must admit after I had done it I felt so much better.

Best of luck everyone.

Love Jean xx

I, too used Naturtint about 3 months after finishing chemo as I couldn’t stand being a whiter shade of grey any longer! I used Naturtint a couple of times before going back to the Boots colour I had previously used and I had no problems at all with either of these brands.

Love, Carol xx