colouring hair

colouring hair

colouring hair I had my last chemo in Jan 07 and my last rads about 3 weeks ago. My hair is growing back well and has been since Xmas, it’s about an inch long but grey and white…! I am getting fed up wearing scarves and am trying to pluck up the courage to take it off. I don’t know why I’m so bothered about what I look like it doesn’t make sense? If I could colour my hair maybe I would not feel so self conscious. I have bought a semi-permanent colour from the boots botanics range, it has no ammonia and has plant extracts…so, what do you think…? has anybody else coloured their hair before the recommended 6 month timescale?

Dear Cheshire You may find this previous thread helpful to read as this very subject was discussed in depth. If you put the following into your address bar it will take you to the thread from February to which I am referring:

I hope this helps to answer some of your queries.

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coloured my hair ok Hi Cheshire.
First I’m real jealous at how fast your hair is growing
I finished chemo mid August 2006 and have about one and a halve inches.
Since no one ever told me not to colour my hair – here what I’ve done.

At Christmas time, my daughter coloured it purple using a wash out product. She said it was like putting mascara on a rabbit – I’m a bit worried – she doesn’t have a rabbit. I think she said that because she had to use a tooth brush as there was so little hair.

I know use a permanent purple dye – my hairs ok – the towels and bedding are not. It must be the tropical moments – but it seems to transfer when I sweat.

Good luck with the hair just be kind to it and you’ll do fine.


Hi Glo Hi Glo,

I think your daughter’s comment is something to do with the fact that the new hair feels beautifully soft - like rabbit fur.

My daughter used to refer to me as ‘fluffy bunny’.

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Hi Chesh Hi Chesh,

If I were you I’d test a tiny strand first.

I’ve dark brown hair and I didn’t dye it, but I did go on holiday to Portugal and developed blonde highlights in the sun - something that hadn’t happened since I was a teenager. So the new hair is a little different but eventually goes back to normal.

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hair colour Thanks for the info it really helped. I’m sitting here now with an hour and a half to go before I get my youngest daughter from school, next to me is the hair dye…oh, what the hell…here goes…!!