Comfort items after surgery

I found that fleecy microfiber towels were wonderful after surgery, very light, incredibly soft and not abrasive at all when drying after showers and washes. Hospital towels and our regular ones were just a little rough after ANC as I had no feeling around a large area. 

We already had them for holidays (take up less space, so had more than room to bring goodies back from France! , and got them from decathlon. 


The other thing I found really helpful was a neck travel pillow, ours is filled with the same stuff as beanbags. Instead of a small pillow (which the nurses suggested) to provide comfort under the arm, I put it around my waist, it gave separation to stop friction and also helped to support my breast slightly when I didn’t have a bra on, and if I rolled onto the affected side sleeping, it was way more comfortable. 





Hi lizandsarah,

Thank you for sharing your tips for comfort items after surgery. I’m sure our community will really appreciate hearing what worked for you!



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