Comfortable bra - PRIMARK

Hi all,

I have been struggling to find a comfortable bra since my bilateral mx and reconstruction (implants) and have found a gem in Primark.

As my shape and size is now different my original bras are of no use and I’m still experimenting with new ones. For comfort I’ve been wearing secret support vests or a sloggi double comfort crop top.

In Primark this week I picked up a couple of bras (£3 a throw) to try out but also found in their Secret Possessions (everyday COMFORT) range a pack of 2 Seamfree Crop Tops at £4. They are heavenly - really soft and feel supportive with out any tightness or pressure. Quite pretty too. They are sized without cup sizes e.g. 12/14 so ideal if you’re not a stable size.

Of course they may fall to pieces after a few washes…but I would say worth a try.


Hi misha as I work in Primark myself,I passed on your comments to the manager in the lingerie department and she was pleased that you felt their bras were of good use to you.Just hope they last a bit longer than a few weeks,although I have been lucky with things I have bought in the store and find just because they are cheaper they do last quite a while.Thanks for that piece of advice.Joyce xx

Im gonna have to try the seam free crop tops from Primark. Since being diagnosed with BC i find it really uncomftable to wear bras because one of my breasts is now bigger, and even wearing a bigger sized bra is painful, so these could be the solution!!!

Bagpussgirl hope you manage to get a bra thats comfortable in Primark at least you wont be paying out a fortune for it.Please let us know how you get on as im sure my boss would be very pleased to hear your comments.Good luck Joyce.xx

Hi Scobie,

I have mentioned it on another thread, but yesterday I bought a sports bra in Primark for £4, it fastens at the back and has a racer style back also. I must say it is the most comfortable bra I have worn since having my DIEP 3 weeks ago and I wish I’d bought a couple more.



Tracy thanks for that information about the sports bra will pass your good comments to my manager.Hope they comfortable.Joyce.x