Coming off Letrozole after five years

In September this year, I will have been taking Letrozole for five years after a lumpectomy and radiotherapy.


My oncologist said that at the end of the five years I would just stop taking the Letrozole.  


Has anyone had experience of what happens then?   Do you just stop, or wean yourself off gradually like HRT?    Do the joint pains, feeling of heaviness, tiredness etc. just go away?   I would be very interested to hear from someone who has stopped.





You stop suddenly when they tell you to. I notice I fall asleep much more easily again since stopping taking it and that only took about a week or so to happen. From then on you will go back to routine 3 yearly mammograms and to your GP instead of your BC team if you have any queries or worries. 




May be worth asking about this in the ask the nurses section but I have also heard that research is now suggesting 10
years on AI s too like Tamoxifen.The advice for Tamoxifen changed just before I was diagnosed in 2015 ,I think the research re Letrozole etc has come since then .