Coming up to first mammogram post-treatment

Not sure if this is the right bit for this, but here goes.

I’ve finished the bulk of my treatment after diagnosis last March (surgery, chemo, radio, currently on Herceptin) and I’m coming up to my first post-diagnosis mammogram next month. I had no lymph node involvement and the surgical team were happy they removed all the cancer, which was a grade 3, so an aggressive little blighter.

But I’m still terrified at the thought of the mammogram finding something new, and also at having to wait for the result (my first mammogram a year ago they told me straight away “we’ve found a lump, it looks like cancer”, so I was pretty spoilt).

Has anyone out there been in a similar circumstance and either had good or bad news at their next mammogram? And would anyone like to hold my hand at the moment via the computer screen! My friends saying “Oh it will be fine” are in danger of getting thumped at present!

Id like to hold hands as my annual mammo is 3rd march, when is yours?

It will be my 3rd since dx in feb 08. Always have a couple of weeks wait for results which is just awful. I have had some leaking from good nipple recently so even more scared this year! Even though appt is a month away, I am petrified already and constantly thinking about it. Have a holiday booked for July and know that if its bad news I will have to cancel the holiday that my little boys are so excited about :frowning:

I just hope that I get the good news ive had the past 2 years…

Ill hold youre hands aswell ladies Im due my 1st one in March aswell ( was diagnosed 19th march 2010) and im sh–ing myself aswell.Like you I had surgery,chemo and rads now on tamoxifen all my nodes were clear too xxxx Group hug xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Julie

Big hugs ladies! My mammogram is 15 March, a day short of the year since diagnosis! I won’t even book a holiday until I’ve got the results, although I desperately need one! Even though I was OK through my treatment (a few really rough days mainly on Taxotere) I still don’t want to have to do it again! xx

I havent got exact date for mine yet i suppose ill get it through soon but likewise I dont want to do it again either It is our 50th birthdays and 30 y anniversary sept so we want to book something special for a holiday but i know what you mean about waiting till after then xx

Hey Mrs S

I was dx march 19th so mine may be around the same time as you. I was dx at a one stop clinic but think it is highly likely will have to wait for results this time. Palms sweaty at the thought.

Been to any good gigs? Have a few in the pipeline, but can’t get too excited until after mammo.


Hey Deb!

Yes, I’ve been told I’ll have to wait at least a week before I can phone the Breast Care Nurse for the result, longer for a letter to come through!

Only gigs lined up this year are Pulp in July and Leeds Festival in August. Tempted by Edwyn Collins next week but not sure if I’m up to it! Taking a bit of a battering from Herceptin at the moment, although it’s way better than chemo, I’m just a wimp! x

sooo glad im not the only one panicking!! I was diagnosed a year ago on friday (feb 11th) and although I havent had my appointment through for my mammogram i have got my appt to see my consultant again?? all a bit backwards if you ask me! I have gone into panic mode and the tears have reappeared with a vengence. I havent been back at work long and the thought of going through all that again is too much to bear!! Im panicking that they cant do a mammo on my recon side so think i will sit and cry at the doctors surgery until they agree to send me for an ultra sound… please hold my hand too!!


Can I hold hands too?
First mammogram following two lots of surgery,chemo and rads on 18th Feb,Consultation with consultant 28th Feb!
I am really scared,just want this month over!
I too cant plan my 50th Birthday pressie from OH,a trip to Venice until I know all is ok.

Just offering another hand! I’ve got my first mammogram on 28th Feb although I was diagnosed in Oct 2009. Not quite sure why I’ve had to wait so long but it has been great living a relatively normal life away from hospitals since finishing treatment. I’m absolutely terrified at the thought of going back and just as some of you have said I don’t feel I can plan anything until the results are back. It almost feels like if I book that much needed holiday I might be tempting fate!
Sending love & thoughts to you all, and keeping everything crosssed! xx

Isnt it fab - with this much hand holding we can have a party to celebrate us all getting through another milestone in this journey!! Its great to know you are all there, thank you. big hugs to you all…


I had to go to Occ health for my swine flu jab the other week at the hospital and even had a panic attack walking past the breast screening unit seeing another lady going in with her hubby just gave me palpitations.
Deb just realised me and you were diagnosed on the same fateful day x

Phew, it’s not just me then! Big hugs again to you all!

I saw one of the oncology team just before Christmas (my 6 week post-radiotherapy check up) and she said “Oh you’ll have your mammogram in March and we can discuss the results when we next see you in June”.

Three months wait? I think not… Mind you when I saw her last Friday before Herceptin number 6 she said “Just ring the breast care nurse a week after your mammo and she’ll give you the result”.

I do sometimes wish they’d be consistent!

Or you could look at it along the lines of “they’re not expecting there to be anything wrong so it’s no big deal waiting”. Still, there was a bit of harumphing about that!

Hi had my 1st check mammogramme today and was doing well and being very bravee unttill i got into the room and saw that machine and went to pieces it brought back such dark emotions but after a few minuttes and feeling a bit silly i was ok and the radiographer was lovely so now back waiting for results xulie

Well done Julie on getting through today. I’ve got my first check mammogram tomorrow and know I won’t get much sleep tonight thinking about it. Diagnosed Jan 2010 and finished treatment September 2010.

My thoughts are with all of you waiting for your appointments and results.

Beverley xx

I had mine two weeks ago. Strong emotions when going into the same room as I was dx in last year. The radiographer was lovely though. Very caring and talking about all I had been through over the last year. Made it so much better. I had my results from my bcn today. All fine. Wishing everyone else well. Pam x

HI there, thanks so much for this thread - I totally freaked when I got my letter inviting me for first annual mamo (end feb 11) and saying I had to wait 4 weeks for results and they would arrive by letter!! Anyway the day has passed and as Julie says the radiographer was really really lovely - in fact it turns out they have a special morning clinic where they bring back women who have had surgery. One of the things I had really worried about was sitting in the waiting room like last year in the gown, only this time one breasted - but no, in this post surgery mamo clinic they take you into the mamo room in your clothes and you get changed in there which made it really really much better. Now in week 2 of 4 week wait - BCN said I can ring next week…
my counseller has said its great to freak and let the emotions out cos I was really buttoned up first time round, wanted to be seen to be coping - and that its to do with retraumatisation…so Julie your experience really resonates.
good luck everyone, cheers Nicola

Ive been in tears already this morning as my mammo is tomorrow. Its my 3rd since dx in 2008 but it doesnt get any easier.

We can hold hands lolly, my first mammo since diagnosis 1.50pm tomorrow. I was diagnosed in Jan 2009 though, I had to chase up my mammo last week as I had never been called back for another one.

Strangely I don’t feel worried about it though, perhaps i’m being naive, as it’s my ‘good’ breast i’m not really thinking about the possibility of them finding anything, although when I was diagnosed with the bc in my right breast they also found a cyst in my left which I had to have drained the same day, that was pretty horrific!

la la la la headinsand think pleasant thoughts la la la la

I had my first mammo last may one year after mast with reconn, it all went well, had opd with BC surgeon in jan and she is doing a mammo on the reconn side this time round, she says she needs to make sure no micro calcs forming, must say Idont relish the reconn breast being squashed, has any one else had a reconn squashed !!!

take care x