Comments to MP - Travel costs etc

Comments to MP - Travel costs etc

Comments to MP - Travel costs etc Hi everyone

I have finally got my thoughts together and written to my MP - see earlier threads about MP and Hospital Travel Costs.

I sent a 2-page letter summarising our thoughts and problems and then enclosed another 12 pages detailing everything under various headings. I thought if he just opened a 14 page letter he probably wouldn’t read it but I’m hoping the shorter letter will grab his attention and then he will be interested enough to want to read more - well that’s the theory anyway! It was really helpful to be able to illustrate the points with real-life examples.

Thank you all very much for your input - greatly appreciated.


bjj xx

Good luck Hi bjj,

I really hope that your letter has some impact.
It would be nice if it also brought up more financial matters too. This is such a long and drawn out disease and has a profound impact on you when you can’t work and aren’t earning. That must be a nightmare as there are lots of prescriptions to pay for and in the already stressful state most of us are in it’s not too helpful.

Anyway I think your doing a grand job and wish you luck and that you actually get a reply from him.

Jo x

Hi Jo Hi Jo

In the letter and accompanying stuff I did bring up other financial issues too.

I raised the point about how difficult it is to claim benefits, cost of creams to counteract radiotherapy, complementary therapies, car parking, travel. I made a point of telling him that all these extra costs come at a time when inevitably your income has decreased because of cancer - either because of working less or because of losing your job.

I did mention prescription charges and I printed off BCC “Prescription for Change” campaign.

As I said, I did try to summarise things succinctly in the main letter - I didn’t want him to open it and think it was just too much to sit down and read. However I hope with the accompanying stuff I have managed to give him a lot more details about our problems.

Will update you if I hear anything back.


bjj xx

Great stuff bjj I’d be really interested in seeing a copy of your two page letter…think you have my e-mail address?

I’m going to the Breakthrough Westminster fly in and hope my MP will be there…the more ammunition the better.

best wishes


Hi Jane Hi Jane

Yes, I will email it to you.

Best Wishes


Thank You I would just like to say a big Thank You for what you are doing.