Comparisons Re Hair PANICKING!

Comparisons Re Hair PANICKING!

Comparisons Re Hair PANICKING! Hello to all,
Strictly speaking have’nt finished all my treatment yet but thought this would be the best place to post.
Had last chemo 7th march, before then had a little re- growth bit like a five o’clock shadow I suppose. Lashes and brows don’t seem to be in a hurry to come back, but they took a long time to go so not too mithered about that just yet.
Anyway hair is now about 3cms long (got Husband measuring it every 2 weeks lol).
What’s bothering me is its “fuzzy” texture. Is this just the ends and as it gets longer (please god) real/normal hair will come through?
I’ve been at the hospital daily recently having rads and the ladies I saw there seemed to have real hair re-growth not fuzzy like mine.
Hope you can help and let me know your experiences.
Wig is still very much in employment!
Best Wishes
Linda xx

Hi Linda
i think a book could be writen about all of our experiences on regrowth of our hair.
I was obssessed with peoples hair when i was going through chemo or rather the way it was growing back. One day i wasn’t thinking and said to this lady ‘oh i dont want my hair growing back fuzzy’ hers was very fuzzy.

i know someone told me that if you massage your scalp it helps so i bought a base oil and used to do it everyday. The hair follicles are tight apparantely and massage is suppose to help.

i was very lucky my hair is no different than before in colour or texture but i have friends whose hair grew back very tight curls i think it often changes after a few cuts.

I do know your concern though i was exactely the same.


Hair growth Hi Linda,

Just thought I’d share about my hair.

I finished my chemo mid February, and now have just about 2cm (got the tape out after reading your post lol), so at least you have a bit more length than me!

My hair is not fuzzy though, it seems like proper hair, although it is a different colour, it was auburn but now appears light brown.

I have managed to convince myself that it won’t grown any longer, and am really impatient, everyone around seems to have long hair and I want mine back! I just want to look like a used to I guess.

I had long hair for over 20 years, and even if people say it suits me short, it doesn’t help, as I don’t feel like me any more!! It doesn’t help that I keep dreaming that it is back and long again.

Oh well, a suppose it will be back eventually, just have to wait it out.

I’m sure you will have some real hair soon, keep us posted, we can compare growth!!

Love and hugs, Deborah xxx

Hair Dont panic !!! Hi Girls , just wanted to add my bit !!! I finished my Chemo’ just before Christmas and then went on to have six weeks of Rad’s. My hair startef growing back about six weeks before I’d finished my Chemo’ and is now growing really well about 2" long and very thick. I also have lovely curls for the first time in my life. Its so easy to care for, just run your fingers through that I’m thinking of keeping it like this. Best of luck to you all JillT

I am also still going through treatment 6 chemo down out of 8! but I do read other forums also, your ‘fuzzy’ comments ‘struck a chord’ with me. I am 2 Taxotere down and not sure whether any more hair loss will occur! But at the weekend I studied myself in the mirror and I looked like a dandelion! I have white fuzz all over my head. (My previous hair colour was mid brown!) I’m not sure whether this is the start of new hair or another ‘freak’ side effect of taxotere! Sorry I am not able to answer your question, but I do know how you feel, my wig will still be in employment for a very long time if this is all the hair I can manage, I would be a laughing stock if I went out like this!

Take care and hope the fuzz doesn’t get you down!

Nicky x

I had 3 x FEC and 3 x Taxotere. I had my last Taxotere 13 days ago. Just before my second Taxotere I noticed white fuzz (yes just like a dandelion ! ) but only on the crown of my head. This stopped growing - I assume as a result of the 2nd taxotere and then grew a bit more 3 weeks later and then stopped again - I assume as a result of the 3rd taxotere. I’ve now got about half a millimetre of fuzz but still only on the crown of my head - the sides, back and front are still bald.

I’m hoping that as the chemo leaves my body it will start to grow again and I’m hoping that the bald bits will start also. However, I’m starting Herceptin soon and apparently that slows down hair growth so I think I shall be wearing wigs and hats for ages yet.

Good luck everyone.

Best wishes
Anthi x

Thought I was the only fuzz head Seems like everyone I speak to has got “proper” hair back immediately. Mine is coming back like bumfluff, got my OH to shave it off, was disgusted to find out its grey!! Ill keep shaving it until it grows back my natural colour!

My re-growth I finished my chemo at the end of Dec 06, my hair started to grow back properly in Feb, it came back grey and black, its now thick been coloured and looks fine, so dont despair girls it will happen just have to be patient (not that I am)! I felt a lot better once I could start colouring it again. Before chemo it was a little wavy, itsnow curly at the back and wavy at the sides and top, a bit like Kylie M (shame the rest of me doesnt look like her). I have bought some GHD thin straighteners and using these have made all the difference. I almost feel normal again and people have stopped staring!!! I waited for 5 months to colour it and went to the hairdresser for a semi permanent but this washed out quickly and I re did with a permanent colour, its was fine and I wouldnt hessitate to do again.


Thanks for your replies ladies.
Yes I suppose I should be a bit more patient.
Fingers crossed as time goes on it’ll improve. If not I’ve told Husband I’m gonna buy a dead expensive drop dead gorgeous wig. Hang the expense! I’ve got along fine with the one I have now but it’s seen better days as I’ve been wearing it since last October…
Deborah, I’ve had one or two dreams now where I’ve had hair, is’nt it weird, not to mention disappointing when you wake up. lol.
Lots of love
Linda xx

hair hiya i had the same problem n my niece used to call me her little fluffy chicken (shes 7 bless her ) anyway i shaved mine all off again n since then its grew back thick n fast n curly lol hope this is of some help i know it seems not nice to do when its jus started growing again but im sure it will make a difference good luck luv joanne xxxx